The Non-GMO Project supports you in taking action at home and in your community to help support a non-GMO future. Check this page frequently to get updates on ways that you can get more deeply involved.

Non-GMO Challenge

Thank You to all of you who joined the Non-GMO Challenge in honor of Earth Month! We are inspired by your pledges to make a meaningful commitment to avoid GMOs – for a week, for a monthfor good.

You can still join the non-GMO community and share your Non-GMO Challenge photo. It’s easy:

  1. Print the Non-GMO Challenge Pledge (or make your own).
  2. Write in your non-GMO commitment.
  3. Take a photo with your pledge.
  4. Share online with your friends and tag us!


Check Out the Non-GMO Challenge Yearbook

Coming in October! Non-GMO Month

Every October, thousands of retailers across North America celebrate Non-GMO Month. It raises awareness and provides an opportunity for non-GMO conversations in grocery aisles and across counters. It allows us to unite our voices and our actions so that we can stand up for our right to know what’s in our food, and to choose non-GMO.

Together, retailers, brands and most importantly, YOU make Non-GMO Month happen by creating and participating in events, and spreading the word in your communities. Thank you!

More Things You Can Do

Here are three easy things you can do to keep the momentum going. Choose Non-GMO Project Verified and know your voice is heard with every purchase.  Shop retailers who support the non-GMO movementShare resources to help raise awareness in your community about the impacts of GMOs.

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