Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Only eat foods that are gmo free and/or USDA organic.

Non-GMO Challenge

Using only NYR Organic non-GMO skin care and cosmetics as well as only purchase non-GMO foods.

Non-GMO Challenge

Thinking outside the box and inside the garden box. My son will never be a Monsanto guinea pig.

Non-GMO Challenge

Share this challenge and eat GMO free whenever I can; and pay it forward…

Non-GMO Challenge

Planting a garden with non-GMO organic seed and planting organic buckwheat as a cover crop.

Non-GMO Challenge

My name is In The Nick of Time (I go by Nicky), and I hereby pledge to only consume meat from animals that were raised humanely and without GMO feed.

Hugs & Purrs
Nicky James

Non-GMO Challenge

Growing my own organic non-GMO garden with all heirloom or rare seeds from back before the exposure of all the new GMO plants that have taken over our country. I will feed only non-GMO plants to my family and maybe one day my community!

Non-GMO Challenge

We have been and will continue to avoid as many GMO products as we can. We have been and will continue to spread information to as many people willing to listen and even a lot who are not as they may open there minds down the road.

Non-GMO Challenge

Grow organic non-GMO corn and veggies!

Non-GMO Challenge

Only buy non-gmo and/or organic. Clean eating is my family’s new way of life!!

Non-GMO Challenge

Only eat non-GMO foods for good!! You will only find non-GMO foods in my kitchen :)

Non-GMO Challenge

I agree to buy locally organically grown produce from our Farmers Market. Purchasing non-GMO from The Granary store in my town. Only planting heritage in my garden. I agree to reduce the use of plastic by using glass and mason jars. I agree to compost and have as little waste as possible. I agree to do as much awareness in social media as possible. Be Well!

Non-GMO Challenge

Teach my children and my classroom of students about the importance of growing and consuming non-GMO foods.

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Eat fresh food!

Sara, Non-GMO Challenge 2015

I plan on driving to our local Mennonite farm to purchase our groceries to make sure the foods we eat are GMO free. I have two little boys who love their fruits and veggies, but I want to make sure that they are getting the best nutrients possible.

Veronica's Non-GMO Challenge

Grow and feed my family organic food.

Non-GMO Challnege Hayleigh Marie

Using non-GMO goods only, to not only keep myself healthy but the planet also!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Not supporting companies that refuse to get Non-GMO verified by never buying their products!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Eat good healthy non-gmo food!

Lina's Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Growing an organic garden and using heritage seeds/non-GMO seeds and sharing the bounty of my harvest, however little, with my neighbors. :)

Non-GMO Challenge

1. grow an organic garden.
2. buy organic and non-gmo food.
3. give our animals non-gmo feed.

Kathleen's Non-GMO Challenge

Buy non-GMO food.

Kris's Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Eat and prepare for my family only non-GMO and organic foods. I also commit to continue to share my knowledge with others so they understand the importance of eating to live, instead of living to eat.

Delphine's Non-GMO Challenge

As a family, we enjoy a non-GMO lifestyle (organic seasonal diet, body care …) all year long, including our beloved dog. It is crucial!

Sabrina's Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Learn where everything thing I eat comes from! No more GMOS!

Teala's Non-GMO Challenge 2015

I commit to a GMO free life!

Amanda's Non-GMO Challenge 2015
Phil's Non-GMO Challenge Request

I commit to ask Phil’s favorite cat food brand to get Non-GMO Project Verified!

Non-GMO Challenge, Laura

I commit to avoid GMOs for the month of May 2015 and once completed commit for life!

Non-GMO Challenge Rosalind

Encourage others to adopt the Non-GMO way of living.

Non-GMO Challenge Melissa

Bake and share our Non-GMO Project Verified muffins with the world!!!

Anita, Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Only give my amazing kids non-GMO snacks!

Rachel, Non-GMO Challenge 2015

I pledge to buy as much organic food as possible. Where not available I pledge to buy non-gmo foods. I will continue to share with friends and family about healthy clean eating.

Jennifer Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Support US (and international) companies that sell non-GMO goods. I already purchase what I can, but more and more companies are realizing this is NOT a fad, but rather an awakening!!

I am so happy that NYR Organic has 10 verified non-GMO products, with more to come! I’m not only a customer, I am also an Independent Consultant.

Sara Non-GMO Challenge 2015, Andalou Naturals

To only use Andalou Naturals personal care products!

Peyton, Non-GMO Challenge

Eat non-GMO!

Cami, Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Avoid ALL processed foods and GMOs at all costs so that I can live a life free from the risk of cancer and an unhealthy lifestyle!


I want to learn much more about the way GMOs affect the world we live in as well as our health. I want to purchase more Non-GMO products and tell people about the importance of knowing what is in our food!

Michelle, Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Have my whole family eat organic and Non-GMO Project Verified foods.
We hope to inform as many people as possible about the dangers of eating GMOs.

Miles, Non-GMO Challenge 2015

We are committing to growing more of our own food with Heirloom seeds. Last year, we saved our seeds for the first time and it has been very exciting seeing them come up this year. My son, Miles (4 years old) loves seeds. He helped me harvest our seeds from last year and has a passion for caring for plants. He absolutely loves picking something that he helped grow and eating it while playing outside. It warms my heart to see his connection to the earth grow stronger each year

Chris Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Buy Non-GMO Project Verified foods. This photo is Peyton eating dandelions from the garden!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015, family style

When my daughter was born 20 months ago, we decided we wanted her to eat healthy organic, non-GMO foods. She is gluten free, soya free, vegan, and incredibly healthy. She is getting older and wants to eat everything my husband and I eat. Most of the time this isn’t a problem, but sometimes we buy small things that arent non-GMO or organic like rice wraps, and grape leaves.

So our pledge is to join our daughter, and go 100% non-GMO!

Thomas, Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Always eating organic, looking for the Non-GMO sticker and spreading the word.

Laura, Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Live healthy for my health and survival , and tell others ♡

Randy, Non-GMO Challenge

I commit to buy whole foods all organic and eat a vegetarian diet.

I have a feeling I will feel amazing and more energized.

Non-GMO Challenge 2015, Kathleen

Only eat GMO-free foods! Ever since my son was born he has only eaten GMO free organic foods. I commit to make sure I sign all petitions going against monsanto and GMO based foods!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

I do not eat processed foods, all meals are homed-cooked, even the bbq sauce is made from scratch! My bread I bought today has the non-GMO label on it silver hills product, stopped buying coffee at the cafe buy coffee beans with non-GMO label on it. My friends think Iam out to lunch because I spend more on food that is organic! Save the bees!

Bradley, Non-GMO Challenge

Educate all those I meet to the FACTS of our industrialized Farm Complex. The best example is what our countries are outlawing. From China to the EU, the world is becoming more aware of the risks to nature and people of using GMO and pesticides.

Marsha, Non-GMO Challenge

Read labels and only buy Non-GMO products. Keep a garden and only plant Non-GMO seeds.

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Rallying, protesting, petitioning and buying Non-GMO products! #nongmochallenge

Non-GMO Challenge Brenda

I’m planting non-GMO plants and choosing non-GMO food at the grocery.

Gerard, Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Eating only non GMO foods for an entire year.

Non-GMO Challenge 2015, Joy

To keep clear of all GMOs in the sake of humans everywhere fighting diseases from toxicities in this world we all now live in.

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

I already do not bring GMO/factory food into my home. However, as a flight attendant, I am faced with challenges on a daily basis. There are leftover 1st class meals and snacks, airport coffee drinks and sandwiches, and hotel restaurant vouchers for free meals. However, I promise to forego on those GMOs and to make sure I carry healthier choices, for the entire month of April. In addition, I promise to finish reading “Altered Genes, Twisted Truth” by Steven Drucker. I have already read the first several chapters and am totally amazed by what I am reading. By the way, Boo, our free range guinea pig, is totally organic, and has been for several years.

Non-GMO Challenge, Shelly

Not buying seeds unless labeled and checking all fruits and veggies and meats to make sure they are nonGMO … I am passing the information to all whom I come in contact with and passing the information along will get our state nonGMO labeling …

Non-GMO Challenge, Tanya

Stopping all GMO products.

Rick, Non-GMO Challenge

Always read labels, commit to buying certified organic foods.

Sondema, Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Living GMO-free for life. I know the health benefits of not eating GMOs and this a pledge to myself to do this.

Patricia, Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Buying Non-GMO food and seeds. Supporting legislation to get Non-GMO labeling passed. Educate family and friends on the importance of this issue.

Non-GMO Challenge 2015, Non-GMO Lunchbox

Pack only Non-GMO foods in our lunches each day!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Attending rallys in support of Non-GMOs #nongmochallenge #RallyInTally #Florida

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

I will stop patronizing restaurants with no commitment to avoiding GMO and since we have a GMO free home, this should cut back on our restaurant bill! This is the big grey area for most people…We may avoid GMO food at home but when we eat out, we just kind of cross our fingers.

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Eliminate all GMOs from my family’s diet.

Yuki, Non-GMO Challenge

NEVER eating GMO plants, and also never eating animals that were fed them. For two months, I’ve completely cut conventional meat out of my meals, and my household has been eating smaller amounts of meat, but it has been all-organic and mostly grass-fed.
Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t afford to eat Non-GMO on a tight budget! We’re doing this on minimum wage, and it’s absolutely worth it!

Dawn, Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Buying Non-GMO for our family and planting an organic garden. Our youngest son in the picture has been battling brain and spinal cord cancer since he was 2 years old and continues to take chemo everyday. So for us, our children’s health is very important. We want to have a healthier family and eat the way God intended to in the first place, being good stewards of what we put in and on our body.

Holly, Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Raising awareness within my Community and with people that I connect with on Social Media. Also, by educating my Family and arming them with the FACTS so that they too can send this message through out their circles.

My Non-GMO Box, Non-GMO Challenge

Providing access to quality Non-GMO Project Verified products to people through a monthly sample subscription box. My Non-GMO Box is devoted to increasing accessibility to the best non-GMO brands.

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

I commit to Eating, Drinking, and Using only Non-GMO food, drink, and consumer goods. Have been on a journey to wellness that includes Organic, Non-GMO food & drink. I’m happier and healthier. Would LOVE to win a DreamBox of Goodies!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Only eat organics. Home grown preferably!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Grow non GMO heirloom seeds in our garden and refuse to buy GMO products at the store, We have even stopped buying bread and snacks, we bake our own at home, we raise our own chickens and avoid GMO poultry feed as well!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

I commit to only! Buying food labeled NON-GMO and organic !


Avoid eating GMO foods and collect signatures for another attempt to label GMO foods in California.

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Living the lifestyle and helping all to do the same by becoming the best health coach I can be. I commit to educating people on why choosing non-gmo is the best lifestyle, sharing my experiences on how it’s helped me and my health & showing people how fun and exciting it is to grow your own non-gmo foods and cook wonderful and nutritious meals with them for their families.

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Buying only local, organic fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. I commit to only having food brands in my family’s home that support a GMO-free environment. I commit to spreading the word to friends, family and colleagues the importance of going non-GMO- for themselves, their families, and the environment.

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Try my hardest to live a better quality of life for my family. I’m just learning of this huge movement and want to be part of it and also educate my little ones.


providing our community with farm fresh non-GMO products like REAL Vermont maple syrup made from the sap of organically grown maple trees. No sugary GMO corn syrup for this family! :)

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Bake vegan desserts with only non-gmo ingredients!! I have pictured my chewy chocolate strawberry cookie!


No GMOs for Baby B & Me!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Eat organic and non-GMO and make my own natural cleaning products!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Not purchase or eat any GMO cereals.

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

I and my family commit to no more GMOs period! We are only buying organic GMO free food. We also are beginning to find the farmers were we can source our food directly. No more fake food!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Only buying non-gmo or organic food for my family and I. Also to spread the news as much as possible any chance I get about what GM’s are and how important it is to be non-GMO.

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

To eat meals from the garden to the plate. We committed over a year ago, as with my daughter having autism this has helped her with anxiety that so often go with autism. We read labels, no processed foods, and we enjoy the extra virgin olive oil to help with stir fry meals, and use organic non-GMO tofu as our meat. My autistic daughter lost 70 lbs and I’ve lost 30 lbs. We know what we eat, and thus has become our lifestyle. Not a diet!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Switch my four cats to non-GMO cat food! I know if they could talk they would say “No GMOs for us either”!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Use my buycott app while grocery shopping; as always, to avoid buying any GMO nastiness for my family!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Using the Non-GMO Shopping Guide App and checking before buying my ingredients! And no packaged foods!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

To not eat gmo poison for two weeks, with my family and pets!!


Buy only non-GMO groceries!


Buy only non-GMO groceries!


Continuing to provide our beloved customers with fresh, healthy and organic food that is free of GMOs!


Eating ONLY organic and non-GMO snacks!


Grow and buy non-gmo fruits and vegetables :)


Celebrate Easter with non-GMO treats! :)


Growing food with organic seeds and looking for Non-GMO verification on grocery store products!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

I will NOT buy any GMO products or ANY companies that support GMO. I am ALWAYS Shopping for food with the “Non-GMO” verification label!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Eating clean an local foods. Nothing packaged and or labeled GMO free!
It’s about my kids and a healthy future. Together we are a greater force!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Eat a healthy non GMO diet, help raise GMO awareness and contact my representatives to appeal for GMO labeling.

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Buying only Non-GMO veggies and fruits! Tough challenge! It can be done!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

I am committed to the non-GMO life two years and counting! You guys really are making a difference raising awareness on GMOs . I’ll never accept GMOs in my body.

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

I just planted 50 pots of non-GMO seeds of peppers, tomatoes and herbs!


To buy and plant only non-GMO plants and seeds.I will sell only non-GMO produce to local restaurants.


Cook weekly non-GMO meals with my roommates!


Double check every label before I buy!…looking for and avoiding GMO products or high risk products!


We accept the challenge to build a non-GMO future!


continue to eat a completely Non GMO diet and bring awareness of the facts regarding the pervasive invasive infiltration in our food chain.

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

By eating Only Organic Non-GMO Foods & Supporting local Farms!
I commit to saving the Bees!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Eating Non-GMO food every day!


I promise to try to have all the produce for the month of April to be No GMO!! Know what you are eating!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

Growing my own non-GMO produce from an areoponic garden tower with non GMO seeds for a pesticide and soil free growing that ensures clean eating!

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