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Non-GMO Project Verified Products

The Non-GMO Project was founded on a simple idea — everyone should have access to clearly-labeled non-GMO foods and products. The Butterfly is North America’s most trusted seal for GMO avoidance because of our rigorous Standard which requires ongoing testing, traceability and segregation of major high-risk ingredients.*

If a non-GMO option of the product you're looking for isn't available, make a product verification request.

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Yummy Organics (9 products displayed)

Orchard Fruit
Organic Apple Mango baby food
Organic Apple Strawberry baby food
Organic Banana baby food
Organic Carrots, Spinach Sweet Potato and Spinach baby food
Organic Mixed Vegetable baby food
Organic Squash baby food
Organic Sweet Potato baby food
Organic Tropical Blend baby food
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Yves Veggie Cuisine (56 products displayed)

Ancient Grains Veggie Chick'n Tenders
Bavarian Veggie Sausages
Broccoli Bites
Broccoli Nuggets
Brown Rice & Lentil Patties
Canadian Veggie Bacon
Falafel Balls
Family Pack Veggie Burgers
FS Gluten Free Veggie Burger
FS Good Dog
FS Original Veggie Ground Round
FS Sliced Veggie Pizza Pepperoni
FS Veggie Burger Burgers
FS Veggie Dog
FS Veggie Wieners 7"
Garden Veggie Crumble
Garden Veggie Sausage
Gluten Free Veggie Burgers
Hot 'N Spicy Veggie Dogs
Italian Veggie Ground Round
Jumbo Veggie Dogs
Kale & Quinoa Bites
Kale & Root Vegetable Patties
Lentil & Quinoa Patties
Mexican Veggie Ground Round
Original Veggie Ground Round
Prima Veggie Burgers
Spicy Italian Veggie Sausages
Spicy Vegetable Sausage
Sweet Potato & Chia Bites
Thai Ginger Veggie Round
The Good Dog
The Good Veggie Burger
Tofu Dogs
Ultimate Veggie Burger
Veggie 7-Grain Burgers
Veggie Bacon
Veggie Bacon Strips
Veggie Bistro Burgers
Veggie Bologna
Veggie Breaded Chick'n Burgers
Veggie Breakfast Links
Veggie Breakfast Patties
Veggie Chick'n Burgers
Veggie Chick'n Nuggets
Veggie Dogs
Veggie Ground
Veggie Ground Chick'n
Veggie Ham
Veggie Meatballs
Veggie Mushroom Burgers
Veggie Nuggets With Whole Wheat Breading
Veggie Pepperoni
Veggie Salami
Veggie Taco Stuffers
Veggie Turkey
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Z Crackers (7 products displayed)

Cayenne & Cumin Crackers
Garlic & Basil Crackers
Kalamata Olive Crackers
Red Onion & Rosemary Crackers
Salt & Pepper Crackers
Seasalt & Olive Oil Crackers
Sweet Salty Crackers
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Zatarain's (2 products displayed)

Crispy Cajun Brown Rice Breadcrumbs Supersack
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Zayna (1 products displayed)

Chocolate Coated Dates
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Zellee Organic (3 products displayed)

Fruit Gel - Blueberry Grape
Fruit Gel - Orange Peach
Fruit Gel - Strawberry Pear
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Zema's Madhouse Foods (10 products displayed)

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
Gluten Free Cinnamon Oatmeal Apple Muffin Mix
Gluten Free Cocoa Teff Pancake + Waffle Mix
Gluten Free Multigrain Pancake + Waffle Mix
Gluten Free Peruvian Sweet Potato Pancake + Waffle Mix
Gluten-Free Black Bean Brownie Bites
Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies
Mini Double Chocolate Cookies
Mini Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies
Mini Sweet Potato Spice Cookies
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Zen (1 products displayed)

Premium Quality Calrose Rice
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Zenify (2 products displayed)

Natural Stress Relief Drink
Natural Stress Relief Drink - Zero Sugar
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Zeroodle (10 products displayed)

Angel Hair
Organic Black Bean Fettuccine
Organic Black Bean Spaghetti
Organic Mung Bean Fettuccine
Organic Mung Bean Spaghetti
Organic Soybean Fettuccine
Organic Soybean Spaghetti
Shirataki Rice
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Zespri Kiwifruit (5 products displayed)

Green Kiwifruit
Jumbo SunGold Kiwifruit
Organic Green Kiwifruit
Organic SunGold Kiwifruit
SunGold Kiwifruit
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Zevia (24 products displayed)

Black Cherry Soda
Blackberry Sparkling Water
Caffeine Free Cola
Cherry Cola
Cream Soda
Cucumber Lemon Sparkling Water
Dr. Zevia Soda
Ginger Ale
Ginger Root Beer
Grape Soda
Grapefruit Citrus Soda
Grapefruit Energy
Lemon Lime Twist Soda
Lime Sparkling Water
Mandarin Orange Sparkling Water
Mango Ginger Energy
Mountain Zevia Soda
Orange Soda
Raspberry Lime Energy
Sparkling Apple Beverage
Sparkling Pear Beverage
Strawberry Soda
Tonic Water
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ZICO (8 products displayed)

Chilled Coconut Water
Chilled Coconut Water & Pineapple Mango Juice Blend
Chilled Coconut Water & Strawberry Banana Apple Juice Blend
Chocolate Flavored Coconut Water
Natural Coconut Water
Organic Coconut Water
Pineapple Flavored Coconut Water
Watermelon Raspberry Flavored Coconut Water
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Zilks (9 products displayed)

Balsamic & Garlic Hummus
Famous Original Hummus
Hatch Green Chili Hummus
Hot Fresh Salsa
Jalapeno & Cilantro Hummus
Medium Fresh Salsa
Mild Fresh Salsa
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
Salsa Verde
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Zing Nutrition Bars (9 products displayed)

Cashew Cranberry Orange Bar
Coconut Cashew Crisp Bar
Dark Chocolate Coconut Bar
Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Bar
Dark Chocolate Mint Bar
Dark Chocolate Mocha Bar
Double Nut Brownie Bar
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bar
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Zint (5 products displayed)

Organic Camu Camu Powder
Organic Gelatinized Maca Powder
Organic Lucuma Powder
Organic Mesquite Powder
Organic Yacon Syrup
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Zoe (6 products displayed)

Diva Select Koroneiki Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Diva Select Vinagre De Jerez Reserva
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Kids
Vinagre De Jerez
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Zoganic™ (1 products displayed)

Organic Coconut Powerpack
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Zone 8 (4 products displayed)

Organic Black Tea
Organic Hibiscus Tea
Organic Masala Tea
Organic Red Pomegranate Tea
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ZORS Chia Seeds (2 products displayed)

Chia Seeds
Chia Seeds Shots
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Zucarmex (1 products displayed)

Zulka (5 products displayed)

Brown Pure Cane Sugar
Morena Brown Sugar
Powdered Sugar
Pure Cane Sugar
Zulka Morena
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Zupan (1 products displayed)

Garden Marinara Sauce
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Zursun, Ltd. (73 products displayed)

Adzuki Beans
Anasazi Beans
Baby Lima Beans
Bamboo Rice
Black Barley
Black Beluga Lentils
Black Garbanzo Beans
Black Quinoa
Black Turtle Beans
Blackeye Beans
Brown Rice
Calypso Beans
Canary Lentils
Cannellini Beans
Chana Dal
Chicken Scratch Blend
Christmas Lima Beans
Cranberry Beans
Dapple Gray Beans
Dark Red Kidney Beans
Desert Sage Blend
Eurpoean Soldier Beans
Fava Beans
French Green Lentils
French Navy Beans
Garbanzo Beans
Great Northern Beans
Green Flageolet Beans
Green Lentils
Green Split Peas
Himalayan Red Rice
Ivory Lentils
Jacob's Cattle Bean/Trout Beans
Large Lima Beans
Lebanese Couscous
Light Red Kidney Beans
Long Grain Rice
Lupini Beans
Middle Eastern Couscous
Orca Beans
Orzo Tuxedo Blend
Paris Bistro Soup Blend
Pearl Barley
Peruano Beans
Petite Crimson Lentils
Petite Golden Lentils
Pink Beans
Pinto Beans
Provence Beans
Purple Sticky Rice
Rattlesnake Beans
Red Lentils
Red Quinoa
Scarlet Runner Beans
Small Red Beans
Small White Beans
Snowcap Beans
Spanish Pardina Beans
Split Mung Beans
Tongues of Fire Beans
White Emergo Beans
White Rice Beans
Whole Green Peas
Whole Mung Beans
Whole Wheat Couscous
Wild Rice
Wild Rice & Quinoa Blend
Yellow Eye Beans
Yellow Popcorn
Yellow Split Peas
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Zuvii (5 products displayed)

Gluten-Free Pancake & Waffle Mix
Organic Chocolate Cake Mix
Organic Gluten-Free Brownie Mix
Organic Vanilla Cake Mix
Zuvii Green Banana Flour
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*Products listed have been verified as compliant with the Non-GMO Project Standard. Due to production schedules and inventory back stock, there may be product in circulation that has been produced prior to a product achieving Verification. Please look for the Non-GMO Project seal on packaging to ensure that the product you are purchasing is Non-GMO Project Verified.