Megan Westgate

Executive Director

Jeff Bos

Chief Operating and Financial Officer
Courtney Pineau, Associate Director
Courtney Pineau

Associate Director
Annie Shannahan, Non-GMO Project
Annie Shannahan

Director of Client Services

Lucy Macloughlin

Standards and Verification Director
Nikki Oleson, Non-GMO Project
Nichole Oleson

Director of Operations

Matt Rommelmann

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Shannon Reigh

Client Services Associate

Alli Willis

Marketing Coordinator

James Hoback

Client Services Associate

Kayla Raley

Operations and HR Coordinator

Karen Reich

Contract Coordinator

Melissa Waddell

Office Manager

Pauline Lauvin

Quality Assurance Manager

Rachel Willner

Standards Manager

Linda C

Research Analyst

Randall Coleman

Business Information Specialist

Heather Walker

Business Development Associate

Erin Matchett

Marketing Manager

Lea Emery

Product Verification Program Manager

Andriana Rogers

Digital Marketing and Design Coordinator

Kiira Heymann

Client Education Associate