Megan Westgate

Executive Director
Courtney Pineau, Associate Director
Courtney Pineau

Associate Director
Annie Shannahan, Non-GMO Project
Annie Shannahan

Director of Client Services

Terry Parks

Outreach Programs Director

Carrie Rossman

Outreach Programs Manager
Nikki Oleson, Non-GMO Project
Nichole Oleson

Executive Coordinator
Isaac Bonnell, Non-GMO Project
Isaac Bonnell

Client Services Manager

Lucy Macloughlin

Standards Manager
Kathleen Wesson, Non-GMO Project
Kathleen Wesson

Retailer Programs Coordinator

Linda C

Resource Coordinator

Randall Coleman

Business Information Specialist

Heather Walker

Client Services Assistant

Lea Emery

Client Services Assistant

Andriana Rogers

Digital Content Assistant

James Schaberg

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Erin Matchett

Marketing and Communications Manager

Eric Emsky

Quality Assurance Assistant

Toyo Garber

Outreach Assistant

Kiira Heymann

Client Services Assistant
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