Briana Belden, Wedderspoon Organic USA
Title: Guest Contributor

Wedderspoon’s resident Copywriter, Briana Belden is a Brand/Publicity Associate with myriad experience in public relations, journalism, marketing, international education—and interestingly enough,—organic farming. Briana has accrued a deep appreciation for passionate ideas and outside-the-box thinking through her varied posts from public relations in New York City to international education in Valparaiso, Chile.

Articles by this contributor:

August 18, 2015

A Day for the Honey Bee

—Why August 22, 2016 Affects All of Us The buzzing of nearby bees elicits anxiety and fear in some people, an instinctive reaction to avoid getting stung. The annoyance bee-dodging poses to outdoor fun and activities gives our pollinators a bum rap. Did you know that bees are much less aggressive than their reputation suggests? Rather… » Read more