John Topsoglou, Non-GMO Project
Title: Licensing Coordinator

John is dedicated to reforming the modern food system and educating people about healthy eating. He studied Environmental Science with a concentration in Policy at Manchester University, where he explored food and agriculture’s relationship to human and environmental health, as well as the overall health of society. John works on the Standards team, responding to inquiries and providing program support.

In his spare time, John can be found exploring his new town of Bellingham (he recently relocated from Iowa).

Articles by this contributor:

Non-GMO Movie Night: Share what you know about GMOS!
April 10, 2015

Host a Non-GMO Movie Night

Non-GMO Challenge Commitment: Share what you know about GMOs! They say a picture is worth a thousand words…so what’s a video worth? If your pledge for the Non-GMO Challenge was to teach your friends and family about GMOs, it might be easier to use the words of others to guide your conversations. We’ve gathered a… » Read more