The Community Food Cooperative strongly supports sustainable agriculture, organic farming and efforts to prevent the proliferation of GMOs in foods.

To this end we will:

• Decline new products at high risk of containing GMOs.
• Continually work with vendors, producers and advocacy groups to encourage responsible labeling and to provide GMO-free products as much as possible.
• Support our shoppers’ rights to make informed purchase decisions through educational opportunities and materials that address the issues facing our food system.
• Ensure access to food by supporting a food source that is free from corporate control of seed stock.


Frankie S Cayton, CHCC, Ordained Teacher

I was in Bay Naturals at Myrtle Beach, SC last fall (2018) and picked up a couple of fold-out type colorful brochures: GMO FAQ. I’ve been searching to find how I could purchase more of these. I am a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach and recently had a small Group I was speaking with regarding food, spice and tea choices. I had a couple of samples of products I was able to share with them; but could only show them this little fold-out pamphlet. It would be nice to have some on hand for when opportunities like that Group setting arise. Thank You.

Alli Willis

Hi Frankie,

You can purchase FAQs from our retail programs team here. If you don’t need that many, please feel free to send me an email at and I bet we can work something out.



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