non-gmo-project-non-gmo-month-bannerIt’s October and that means natural food and conventional grocery stores across the U.S. and Canada are taking part in the fifth annual Non‐GMO Month, celebrating your right to choose food and products that avoid genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Organized by the Non-GMO Project, the month-long event provides a platform for organizations and citizens like you to stand up for the right to know what’s in the food we eat and feed to our loved ones.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to take action in support of a safe, healthy food supply. Here are ways to ensure your non-GMO voice is heard this October:

Find a Non-GMO Month Retailer near youMore than 2,000 stores across North America are participating in Non-GMO Month this year. In addition to providing you clear labeling, educational materials and great deals on verified products, these stores will also be providing special events and non-GMO educational opportunities. Support the efforts of these stores by shopping at their locations and thanking them for being part of Non-GMO Month!

Enter the Non-GMO Month Daily Giveaway Contest. Every day in October, enter the Non-GMO Month Daily Giveaway for your chance to win great non-GMO prizes from participating brands–all brands with Non-GMO Project Verified products. The Daily Giveaway Contest also features donations made in your name to the Right to Know labeling initiatives in Oregon and Colorado.

Help friends and family learn about their right to know. Download the Non-GMO Project’s GMO FAQ brochure and print copies to share. Help family and friends learn about GMOs and begin conversations about what you can do together to protect our food supply. It also features a handy list of crops and ingredients that are at high risk for GMO contamination.

Choose Non-GMO Project Verified products. Look for the Non-GMO Project Verified seal on products, and use our online shopping guide and iPhone app (Android version coming in the new year!) to locate verified products. Maybe you’ll swap out one GMO risk product with a verified one, or maybe you’ll decide to make every breakfast this month totally non-GMO. Or perhaps you’ll decide to go totally non-GMO for the whole month. When you choose Non-GMO Project Verified products, it has a positive impact on the entire supply chain. If we stop eating GMOs, producers will stop using them in our food (just like they already have for the products they sell in Europe and many other countries).

Become informed. Read the evidenced based examination of the claims for the safety and efficacy of genetically modified crops and explore the global issues arising from the false promises of GMOs. To stay up to date on news related to the GMO issue, check out the Non-GMO Project’s Facebook page and participate in the conversation on Twitter.

Support mandatory GMO labeling efforts. If you live in states with mandatory GMO labeling initiatives, be sure to vote this November. Vote Yes on Measure 92 in Oregon and Yes on Proposition 105 in Colorado. Tell your community about it! If you live in another state, find out if there are any mandatory labeling efforts in the works that you can support. And no matter where you live, be sure you’ve signed the Just Label It petition to the FDA!

Engage a young friend. Kids have a right to know what they’re eating, too! And protecting a non-GMO food supply for future generations is especially important. Watch Bill Nye the Science Guy’s video on GMOs together and start a conversation around the question what is a GMO?

Host or attend an event. Check out the Non-GMO Month events calendar, and consider adding an event of your own. One powerful but easy idea? Host a film screening in your living room. Invite friends over to watch GMO OMGGenetic Roulette or The Future of Food and serve Non-GMO Project Verified snacks.

Have other ideas? We’d love to hear them. Wishing you an inspiring, empowering Non-GMO Month. Together we CAN preserve and protect a safe, healthy non-GMO food supply for future generations!

Celebrate Non-GMO Month


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