There are so many good people doing good things to help clean up our food supply. Some do it in a very public way, others work quietly with farmers, on legislation or for children with food allergies.

For most of us, we are simply to try to do what we can, where we are, with what we have.

The bottom line is that we have inherited a food system that doesn’t work for 21st century families.

So what can one person do?

1) Host a movie night and show GMO OMG.

2) Tell the manager of your local grocery store that you appreciate the organic and non-GMO products in the store and want to see more. (This is huge. We all think we are going this alone. We’re not!)

3) Host a book club. Check out’s list of bestsellers on genetically engineered food, including The Unhealthy Truth. If a book speaks to you, ask your local library to carry it so that others can learn too.

4) Look for milk labeled rbgh-free or “USDA Organic” since a product carrying the “USDA Organic” seal is free from artificial dyes, artificial growth hormones, sewage sludge and other ingredients that our very own U.S. food companies aren’t putting into their products overseas (learn more).

5) Pick one thing to start with or one category – meat, dairy, produce – and try to go organic. Frozen produce is a good way to manage the budget.

6) Grow something. Anything! A tomato plant in a pot, plant some seeds (we did it as kids!). Do what you can, where you are with what you have.

7) Remember: don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good. None of us can do everything, but all of us can do something!

8) Spread this information. Share a video on Facebook (try “Patriotism on a Plate“) or a blog post or a movie.

It’s up to us to change the food system. We already are, and if we work together, we can change it even faster.


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