Thank you for your Non-GMO Challenge Commitments!

YOU are one in a million!

As we approach ONE MILLION fans on Facebook, it seemed to be the perfect opportunity to pause and reflect with gratitude…and then we got really energized! Why? Because it is obvious to us that the non-GMO movement is now stronger than ever before; and the people involved – YOU! – are propelling that progress.

This year almost two hundred people shared their non-GMO commitments by participating in the Non-GMO Challenge for Earth Month. Some made promises for a day, a week or a month. Others made lifestyle and lasting promises for good. Your dedication and enthusiasm shone through in all the photos and everyone — children, singles, couples, and even pets — took the Non-GMO Challenge in ways that were clever, thoughtful and creative. Take a peek at the Non-GMO Challenge Yearbook and join us in celebrating our passionate community.

It is also important for us to recognize the Non-GMO Project Verified brands that are helping create a more sustainable food system. We owe a big thank you to all of the Non-GMO Project Verified brands that supported the Non-GMO Challenge by donating Verified product that filled our Non-GMO Challenge DreamBoxes.

Annie's Homegrown Kettle Brand Natural Vitality Nature's Path Organic San-J Wedderspoon

Andalou Naturals, Beanfield Snacks, Bella Vado, Crown Prince, Dorval Trading, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, Earth’s Best, Garden of Eatin’, Garden of Life, Kabrita, Lesser Evil, Lundberg Family Farms, Milton’s Craft Bakers, Neal’s Yard Remedies, Surf Sweets, Wholesome!

Every non-GMO choice is a voice for change…and one voice really does make a difference. More and more, people and companies are working together to protect our food — farmers choosing non-GMO seed, brands obtaining Non-GMO Project verification, restaurants making responsible changes to avoid GMOs, and retailers across North America driving non-GMO awareness in their aisles each day.

We are grateful to all who recognize the power of a single decision to change (or sustain) a habit, and smile for the camera. Our appreciation goes out to everyone who participated in the Non-GMO Challenge and to all of you who continue to strengthen our collective voice for transparency.

Congratulations to all the Non-GMO Challenge DreamBox winners!

Non-GMO Challenge 2015

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