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October brings apple picking, a welcome chill in the evening air, leaves changing color and … the beginning of Non-GMO Month! While educating people about GMOs is central to our mission year round, Non-GMO Month is a unique opportunity to bring together retailers, manufacturers, farmers and shoppers in order to spread awareness about the GMO issue. By uniting our voices, we are all working to build a non-GMO food supply and provide an informed choice about the food we buy.

To kick off this year’s celebrations, we’ve asked brands to share why they decided to make a non-GMO commitment and get their products verified. The brands below have taken an even deeper pledge by becoming Non-GMO Month sponsors to help us extend our educational reach.


Nature’s Path


Why does your brand choose the Butterfly?
We believe everyone should have a right to know what’s in their food. In the absence of mandatory GMO labeling, it’s that much more important to provide transparency. That’s why we have our delicious organic foods tested by the Non-GMO Project to earn the Butterfly and provide shoppers additional assurance.

Why does your brand participate in Non-GMO Month?
There are many opportunities to avoid GMOs in our day-to-day lives. Nature’s Path foods are a part of that solution and we are proud to join voices with others through Non-GMO Month to paint a holistic picture, educate, and show how it is possible to live a non-GMO life.



Why does your brand choose the Butterfly?
As the only third party verification for non-GMO products, the Butterfly serves as a trusted counterpoint in an industry that has oftentimes placed profits ahead of public welfare. In a marketplace driven by trends and inundated with dubious health claims, the Non-GMO Project instills confidence in consumers. We at Wedderspoon wish to support organizations that prioritize the environment and enact tangible change to benefit our communities.

Why does your brand participate in Non-GMO Month?
Though the Non-GMO Project is a yearlong reminder to remain transparent and true to our ideals, we relish the opportunity to dedicate an entire month to the cause of living non-GMO. As a proud producer of Non-GMO Project Verified Manuka honey, Wedderspoon is honored to boast our non-GMO status as an integral part of our brand.



Why does your brand choose the Butterfly?
At San-J, we believe in quality and ingredient transparency. We’ve been at the forefront of ingredient health, and we understand how important it is for people to be able to trust the products they consume. Therefore, we partner with organizations like the Non-GMO Project that we can trust.

Why does your brand participate in Non-GMO Month?
Non-GMO Month is a great time to celebrate non-GMO food and to increase awareness. We love sharing the joy of great food and support giving customers verified non-GMO choices.



Why does your brand choose the Butterfly?

We support the Butterfly because we believe in the Non-GMO Project’s mission to preserve and build the non-GMO food supply. At Annie’s, we always say no to GMOs, and we know that our impact will be that much greater if we work together as a force for good.

Why does your brand participate in Non-GMO Month?

Annie’s participates in Non-GMO Month because it’s a great opportunity for us to celebrate choices that are organic and Non-GMO Project Verified, just as we do every month! We are committed to helping create more products that are better for people, farmers, and the planet we all share.

Natural Vitality


Why does your brand choose the Butterfly?
We understand today’s marketplace can be confusing for shoppers. The Butterfly communicates right away that our products avoid GMOs. So customers have one less thing to worry about; that means less stress and more calm — which we’re all about!

Why does your brand participate in Non-GMO Month?
Non-GMO education has always been important to Natural Vitality. Non-GMO Month is a great program to put the spotlight on GMOs and reach as many people as possible about this issue that’s so vital to the health of our food and planet.

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