Non-GMO Month 2015 Sets New Records, Generates Further Awareness

My mom doesn’t spend time on Facebook. She doesn’t hang out in natural food stores. And she doesn’t usually know how my workday is spent. But during Non-GMO Month, my mother and her friends repeatedly express excitement to see “The Butterfly” in their community, on the packages they buy, and in the multitude of stores where they shop. Just last week, I received a letter from my mom filled with a collection of articles from her and her neighbors about the Non-GMO Project and Non-GMO Month!

More than any other year, the sixth annual Non-GMO Month went beyond an awareness campaign; it was a true celebration of GMO avoidance and how far the non-GMO movement has come. The Right to Know movement began with a small group of concerned citizens who were willing to ask questions and dig deeper about how their food was being made. This led to groups organizing, the natural products industry realizing they had to provide greater transparency, and ultimately the Non-GMO Project creating a product verification program so that all of us can easily know and trust which products avoid GMOs.

Today, that momentum has surged into almost 35,000 Non-GMO Project Verified products, more than 2,000 very engaged brands that are getting products verified, and a major shift toward an awareness outside of the natural products industry into the mainstream. Non-GMO Month this year was experienced by more people from all levels of the supply chain—more brands, more retailers, more people like you and me.

Here at the Non-GMO Project, we couldn’t be more grateful for the enthusiasm, passion, and support; and as we wrap up Non-GMO Month this year, we are already brainstorming ideas for 2016. No matter what role you play in the movement, thank you for participating, sharing ideas and new information, and especially for celebrating these successes with us!

Take a look at the numbers you helped create:

  • 2,100+ Registered Retailers
  • Nearly 15,000 entries in the daily giveaway contest
  • 22+ million impressions on Facebook—more than a double increase from last year
  • 15,000 sponsor-branded Non-GMO Project tote bags and thousands of other Non-GMO Month materials distributed
  • 2,529 new products verified in the 90 days leading up to Non-GMO Month—36% more products compared to the same time period in 2014
  • 691 new company inquiries about the Product Verification Program in the 90 days leading up to Non-GMO Month
  • 264 new companies contacted us about verification during October alone!

The materials and social media posts generated by all of you who participated will be used throughout the entire year to boost even more awareness about choosing non-GMO.

Thank you for following the Butterfly!

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