In this season of reflection, I’m thinking back to nine years ago last week, when we had just submitted paperwork to incorporate the Non-GMO Project as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. At this time in 2006, the public had no way of knowing which products were non-GMO, and the media was virtually silent on the topic. There was no real movement for mandatory labeling, and most Americans had no idea what a GMO was. Our dream of transforming the future of food by leveraging the power of the marketplace seemed uncertain at best. But one by one, retailers, consumers and food companies came forward to lend their support, and slowly but surely the movement grew wings.

Today, I am in awe of what we have accomplished together and am feeling the exponential forward momentum more than ever. With 34,000+ Non-GMO Project Verified products representing more than $15 billion in annual sales, Non-GMO Project Verified has become one the fastest growing labels in the market. 40% of all Americans are now reducing GMOs in their daily diet and 72% say it is important to avoid GMOs when they shop. We get tapped every week by mainstream news outlets, and the biggest food companies in the country are looking at how to go non-GMO. The Non-GMO Project has more than a million followers on our Facebook page. And last but certainly not least, over the past nine years our staff has grown from a lonely team of one to a strong group of 19, plus amazing interns, and dozens more working full-time under our four Technical Administrators.

As we prepare for another year of accelerated growth in 2016, we remain wholly committed to growing with integrity. We are excited to continue expanding and deepening our impact through new tools and programs, and by building relationships to leverage the power of the marketplace.

From all of us at the Non-GMO Project, we thank you deeply for your partnership in building a non-GMO future, and we look forward to another year of collaboration.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a wonderful new year!

With gratitude,

Megan Westgate
and the Non-GMO Project Team

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