My mom is an inspiring woman who has not only shaped my life, but has shaped countless other young lives as well with her work as a teacher. While a mom’s passion, dedication and many other amazing traits deserve to be appreciated every day, Mother’s Day is a special event dedicated solely to celebrating the strong female figures in our lives. Be they a mom, an aunt, a grandma or close friend, we at the Non-GMO Project thank all the women in our lives for everything they do.

With more and more people becoming aware of the issues surrounding GMOs, what better way to show your mom you care than to pamper her with some non-GMO goodies? Here are a few of our top suggestions for a Non-GMO Project Verified Mother’s Day celebration:

  1. Buy (or pick) her a big bouquet of non-GMO flowers. If you’re buying, check out your local farmer’s market or search online using the ASCFG website, both of which are usually great spots for finding local, sustainably grown flowers. If you’re gifted with a green thumb and have some beautiful flowers (grown from Non-GMO Project Verified seeds) blooming in your garden, snip a bundle of those and tie them in a pretty ribbon or put them in a vase. Gardenista has excellent tips for helping your flowers to last longer.
  1. Make her some yummy, non-GMO goodies. Just make sure to watch out for ingredients at high risk for being GMOs like corn-syrup, beet sugar, and canola oil. I grew up on my mom’s mind-blowing baked goods — from whole wheat bread to chocolate chip cookies and her famous cherry pies. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of decorating cookies with her during the holidays and following her around the kitchen while she baked various delicious treats — literally learning at her feet. Since then, I’ve developed a passion for baking and cooking. Now that I’m old enough to be allowed in a kitchen by myself, I love being able to return the favor of making homemade, soul-food goodies. If your mom is a choco-holic like mine, try these Chocolate Peppermint Brownies or Almond Goji Berry Truffles. If she leans more towards fruit, take advantage of delicious seasonal berries and try this Blueberry Cheesecake Tart With Honey Bunny Crust.
  1. The best of both worlds! Try combining the two ideas above into an edible cupcake bouquet. There are multiple tutorials available online, but essentially you pipe frosting flowers onto cupcakes and then use toothpicks (or skewers) stuck into foam to arrange them in a vase or small flower pot. You can make the cupcakes from scratch or from one of these Non-GMO Project Verified cake mixes — some of which are gluten free! And for bright, spring-time flower frosting colors, make sure to use Non-GMO Project Verified food coloring to avoid the GMO corn derived chemicals that can be found in many conventional food dyes.

These are our Mother’s Day suggestions—let us know yours! Do you have any fun, non-GMO gift traditions or ones that could be made non-GMO? Share them with us in the comments below!

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