Living Non-GMO Bill of Rights

I’ve been working with the Project for two years now, and it has been truly inspiring to witness the impact we are having on our food supply. From brands to retailers to YOU, together we are making great strides towards building a non-GMO future.

In celebration of Independence Day and Vermont’s labeling law taking effect, I started thinking about freedom of choice and thought it would be fun to create a Living Non-GMO “Bill of Rights.” My apologies in advance to all you constitutional scholars out there!

We the Project, in order to form a more perfect food system, establish transparency in ingredients, ensure non-GMO choices, provide more non-GMO food and products for more consumers, promote environmental welfare, and secure a non-GMO future for ourselves and our posterity, do establish the Non-GMO Project Verified seal for the People of North America.

I.       You have the right to know what’s in your food.

II.      You have the right to purchase products whose high-risk ingredients have been tested.

III.    You have the right to shop with retailers who are aligned with your values.

IV.    You have the right to request Non-GMO Project Verification for your favorite products.

V.     You have the right to empower yourself with knowledge about GMOs.

VI.    You have the right to be a part of the Living Non-GMO community by signing up for our newsletter.

VII.   You have the right to help spread awareness about GMOs.

VIII.  You have the right to join the conversation by tagging #nongmoproject, #livingnongmo, and #GoNonGMO.

IX.     You have the right to be inspired to live a non-GMO lifestyle by visiting

X.       You have the right to “Look for the Butterfly” for the most rigorous standard for GMO avoidance!

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Douglas Jackart

I totally agree with the preceding statements. It is with disgust that I find Canada still not onside with #nonGMO lifestyle and choice. ????

Shirley Blackwell

I will not consume a GMO because is has not been tested by an impartial organization only by the manufacturers of these products or the paid testing companies for the results they want. Our representative okay these products because they also have been bribed.

Shirley Blackwell

Sorry I say what has happened in country during the last 30 years. We The People are not represented any longer but they represent their donors only.

Lisa Shumate

As Americans we have the right to know what is in the food we eat. Transparency is a right & there should not be gimmicks, phone numbers, etc. & ALL Corporations should be held accountable not be given a “pass”.
This is outrageous that lobbyists are controlling lawmakers & nobody is listening to the will of the American public. We the people are supposed to have a voice louder & larger than the corrupt Corporations/lobbyists!!


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