Avoiding GMOs on the trickiest day of the year

I can’t explain it. The air turns brisk, the days grow short and before the first leaf has fallen from the trees, my internal clock starts its countdown to Halloween. I get giddy at the thought of glowing jack-o’-lanterns, gauzy spider webs and anything orange and black. Show me a corn maze or a bonfire and my heart skips a beat. I’ve hosted costume parties and haunted houses (too many to count), each time keeping my fingers crossed for a full moon and the cold, clear weather that drives the mists to roll in off Bellingham Bay.

As exciting as Halloween is, few holidays require more vigilance as a consumer—especially if you’re concerned about candy containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Whether you’re the parent escorting your child from house to house, the person monitoring the door or the reveler nibbling on the plunder, chances are you have faced the annual dilemma of offering up a healthier Halloween experience without putting a damper on the festivities. The customary display of black cats, bogeymen and creepy-crawlies plays second fiddle to the vast assortment of GMO-laced candy being marketed in the name of holiday fun. Scary stuff? You bet!

The majority of commercially produced candy is notoriously laden with high fructose corn syrup, beet sugar and canola oil—all high risk for being genetically engineered. GMOs show up in more than 80% of the foods we eat in North America, and packaged candies top the list. Linked to huge increases in pesticide use, environmental degradation and growing health concerns, the impact of GMOs reads like a science experiment run amok.

A sure way to avoid GMOs is to recognize the sinister ingredients and choose organic or Non-GMO Project Verified products instead. Shopping for the Butterfly is your assurance that the ingredients in the Halloween treats you hand out comply with the rigorous Non-GMO Project Standard. Our Verified product list reveals scads of opportunities to banish the GMO heebie-jeebies for good, without compromising holiday spirit.

When searching for your Halloween treats, consider replacing the usual mainstream candy with these non-GMO alternatives. Chocolate bars, chewing gum, gummy candies, lollipops, sour drops, peanut butter cups and peppermint patties all have Non-GMO Project Verified versions of their popular counterparts. In addition to passing out the usual sweet treats, our house has offered up a bushel of beautifully polished, shiny organic apples much to the delight of trick or treaters.

Halloween is the height of creativity, originality and surprise, with elements of the fright factor thrown in for good measure. By swapping out the predictable fare for Non-GMO Project Verified Halloween candy, organic fruit or non-food treats, you can be certain that the only frights will be the things that go bump in the night.

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Stacey Ann

Great post! I just hope that you reach many with your important message and I am happy to help promote you on my website. GMOs have no place in this world.


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