To help celebrate Non-GMO Month, we’ve collaborated with Our Little Rebellion, a family of Non-GMO Project Verified popped snacks, to inspire an American revolution in support of non-GMO corn! And what better way to reveal our crusade than with crop art cut from a non-GMO field?

To kick off the movement, we’re are asking U.S shoppers to “Join the Corn Revolution.” As more and more people demand transparent ingredients in their food, it’s time we unite to support non-GMO crops like corn — the most abundant ingredient found in packaged foods — so we can all feel confident about what we’re eating.

Created in a cornfield from which Our Little Rebellion actually harvests its non-GMO snack ingredients for its line of PopCorners®, Bean Crips™ and Crinkles™, the agricultural billboard was created to advance awareness about GMOs and the importance of supporting U.S.-grown non-GMO corn in everything from snacks to breakfast.

Out of all agricultural crops, corn has the highest risk of being GMO. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, only approximately eight percent of corn acreage in the U.S. is currently non-GMO. Leading the charge towards transparent, U.S.-grown and Non-GMO Project Verified corn, Our Little Rebellion has created a new supply of non-GMO corn by partnering with small-scale family farmers throughout Nebraska, which will help make non-GMO options more widely available in the grocery aisles.

The crop art was created in the non-GMO corn field owned and operated by family farmer, Jim McGowen. He is one of 59 non-GMO small-scale farms to collectively supply 20 million pounds of corn Our Little Rebellion uses to create its delicious popped snacks.

Located in Beaver Crossing, Nebraska, the crop art spans 9 acres and took five days to complete. To take action, visit to learn about the revolution, sign up to join the cause, learn about the prevalence of GMOs in the U.S. and around the world, and view a video to meet the farmer and family where the crop art was created.

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Mary L Parks

I refuse to buy GMO food, because of the pesticides in it. I definitely want farmers to grow more non GMO food especially corn and wheat.

sue borrelli

I would be so happy to find non gmo corn products! corn oil, tortillas corn for popping …just corn on the cobb! I’ve been staying away from corn lately due to the glyphosphate but it would be nice to enjoy it again!


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