To help us celebrate the Non-GMO Challenge, we’ve partnered with some of our incredible Education and Outreach sponsors to share why they make the commitment to source non-GMO ingredients every day. We are grateful for the hard work of over 3,000 brands that make the nourishing non-GMO products that our families love. Together, we are all co-creating a non-GMO food supply for future generations.

Today the Non-GMO Challenge spotlight is on Woodstock Foods! They’ve shared why the Woodstock team chooses to take the Non-GMO Challenge every day through verifying products, eating healthy non-GMO snacks in the office, and promoting the Non-GMO Project’s mission for a non-GMO food supply.

Here at Woodstock, it’s simple, we are passionate about real food…food as nature intended it to be. We care about the lifecycle of our food, how it is grown and what makes it taste so good. This tight knit group of foodies lives, breathes and eats this stuff every day. Whether we are having a team lunch or brainstorming the next great idea, we’re always gathered around plates of pure, simple food – food that tastes amazing and is not made from genetically modified ingredients. We are proud to work with the Non-GMO Project because each of us at Woodstock truly believes in the preservation of our soil and the need to grow more non-GMO crops to help the future of our food. Our motto eat because it’s good is our culture – it’s a saying we take pride in and helps motivate us every day as we live a non-GMO lifestyle! Join us and the Non-GMO Project today, take the challenge, and eat because it’s good!”

Ready to take the Non-GMO Challenge? Submit your pledge today! 

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