To help us celebrate the Non-GMO Challenge, we’ve partnered with some of our incredible Education and Outreach sponsors to share why they make the commitment to source non-GMO ingredients every day. We are grateful for the hard work of over 3,000 brands that make the nourishing non-GMO products that our families love. Together, we are all co-creating a non-GMO food supply for future generations.

Brandy Gamoning, Marketing Manager at NestFresh, shares why her family decided to take on the Non-GMO Challenge:

“In our house, we are committed to choosing non-GMO products for our 18 month old son. We want to give him the healthiest start in life, so we seek out food that is produced without GMOs. From fresh produce to snacks like fruit pouches, we choose non-GMO over conventional. We like knowing what is in the food we feed our son and the assurance that is was produced in a way that cares for the environment.”

– Brandy Gamoning, NestFresh Eggs!

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