To help us celebrate mothers around the world who are making informed food choices for their families, Annie’s Snack Brand Manager Lisa Prange shares how looking for the Butterfly gives her confidence on the job and as a mom.

Every mom hopes to give her kids a childhood of simplistic joy: Big bear hugs, contagious lighter, and quiet moments of connection. Like many, I also try to embody simplicity in the things that come into my home: quality toys, comfortable clothes, and non-GMO products that I can trust. 

I love my job at Annie’s. I feel lucky to work on products that parents trust and that kids love. My job is to make sure that people trust in our ingredients enough to bring Annie’s products into their homes. One of the main ways we earn that trust is by showing our non-GMO commitment through verifying our products with the Non-GMO Project.

At Annie’s we know that the Non-GMO Project process provides a differential level of rigor and we are proud to work with this fantastic organization to provide assurance to consumers. As a mom, I trust the Butterfly to help me navigate the increasingly complicated grocery store, especially for some of the ingredients at the highest risk for being genetically modified: corn, soy, canola, and sugar beets.

If something is labeled as “Natural,” I don’t trust it. I always look for the Butterfly. I know those ingredients have been held to the industry’s highest standard for GMO avoidance. I’d love to be able to cook all of my kids’ food from scratch, but parenting is all about compromises.  For me, the Non-GMO Project Butterfly symbolizes safety and relief. One less worry. One more step to simplicity.

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