We have a lot to celebrate during our 8th annual, and biggest ever, Non-GMO Month in October. Harvest season is a natural time to reap what we have sown and appreciate the fruits of our labor. At the Non-GMO Project, we are grateful for a bountiful year of growth in participation from product brands and grocery retailers.  Today, there are over 43,000 Verified products and 12,000 participating retail stores committed to the philosophy that everyone has the right to know what is in their food.

Together We are Changing the Future of Food

Non-GMO Month is a great opportunity for shoppers to acknowledge the vital role that participating brands and grocers play in educating shoppers about GMO avoidance and providing non-GMO alternatives. We encourage you to support the companies that support your right to know what is in your food; you can find them on our searchable public listings of products and stores.

When you Look for the Butterfly, companies listen! Your demand for Non-GMO Project Verified products has inspired food retailers, growers, and processors to go non-GMO all the way up the supply chain, simply because it makes good business sense to provide shoppers the transparency they want. Preserving and building the non-GMO supply chain is a critical step of transitioning toward a non-GMO food supply for future generations.

Need some ideas for your Non-GMO Month celebration this October?

Shop the Butterfly

October is a great time to stock up on your favorite Non-GMO Project Verified products and find new ones. Participating retailers will be running sales and other special promotions of Verified products throughout the month.

Support Us at the Store

Check our Non-GMO Month event calendar for opportunities to support our mission when you shop. On 5% Days, the participating store will contribute a percentage of their receipts to the Non-GMO Project. Other fundraising events include bag fee donations or rounding up at the register for the benefit of the Non-GMO Project.

Are you on Ibotta? Throughout Non-GMO Month, Ibotta users will receive a $1 cash-back bonus when they purchase three or more participating brands’ products. For each completed bonus, Ibotta will match each $1 donation and contribute all the funds to the Non-GMO Project. More than 20 brands are participating in Ibotta’s Non-GMO Project initiative.

Win Great Prizes

Participate in our Daily Giveaway contests. Our Education and Outreach Sponsors are putting together exciting prize packages featuring their brands’ Verified products and other fun giveaways.

Wear your Values

Show your commitment to GMO transparency by sporting a Non-GMO Project t-shirt, hat or limited edition Non-GMO Month shopping bag (made from recycled plastic bottles). Every purchase you make at our online store supports our mission and by wearing your values, you help keep the conversation alive.

Chat Up your Grocer

Did you know that your grocer loves your feedback? Keeping regular customers happy is the key to their success. Non-GMO Month is a great time to let them know what you love and what you feel could be improved about their store’s level of commitment to GMO transparency and choice.

Engage your Entire Family

We have some fun and creative ways for you to share why you Look for the Butterfly with children of all ages – from coloring pages to informative infographics, our resources help everybody get involved in Non-GMO Month. Check out Project Green Non-GMO Challenge, a fun program for high school and college students to compete for prizes in October.

Make a Donation

Have you considered making a charitable gift to the Non-GMO Project? While we have made big strides in changing the food industry, biotechnology continues to evolve and persist in agriculture. The Butterfly is more important now than ever, and as a small non-profit with a big mission we depend on financial contributions of all sizes from people, like you, who care about building and protecting our non-GMO food supply.

Share the Love

Spread the word about Non-GMO Month by sharing this blog with your friends, family and social network. Tag your photos and stories with #nongmomonth to show us how you are celebrating Non-GMO Month 2017! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and share us with your community.

You will find more information and ideas for making the most of Non-GMO Month at LivingNonGMO.org.

Have questions? Send us an email: info@nongmoproject.org.


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