Booda Organics’ facility is vibrant, yet tranquil, and manages to feel sunny and warm even though it’s located in rainy Bellingham, Washington. As we were shown around by co-founder, Sheana Pickard, we were struck by how different their space is from any production facility we’ve seen before. The walls are cream and teal with pops of sunshine yellow, there are joyful Boodas scattered throughout, and the entire building smells deliciously like cocoa butter and coconut oil.

Booda’s mission is simple. “Spread the Love.” To Sheana, this means, “taking care of ourselves, each other and the planet by being mindful about the products and ingredients we use, making conscious and compassionate choices as a business and as individuals, and bringing more happiness to this world, because it needs it.”

The brand’s flagship product, Booda Butter, was born more than seven years ago while the brand’s founders stood in the skin care aisle of a health food store. As they read the labels on dozens of products, they became increasingly frustrated by how many products contained some kind of mystery ingredient they didn’t understand. Many skin care products contain ingredients like lauric acid, maltodextrin, amino acids, and vitamins E and C — additives that are commonly derived from GMO crops. Unable to find a moisturizer as pure and natural as the foods they were eating, they were inspired to create their own! Many friends and family began requesting their creations and from there word of mouth took over and the brand took off. Today, thanks to companies like Booda Organics, there are a wide variety of non-GMO, natural body care products available to choose from.

During my interview with Sheana, she raised a question that stuck with me: “If you don’t eat anything with GMOs, why would you put [them] on your body? They get absorbed.” While many of us strive to purchase organic and Non-GMO Project Verified foods, it can be easy to forget to check the ingredients in our body care products. At the Non-GMO Project, we believe that what goes on your body is just as important as what goes in your body— a concept that Booda Organics strives to embody, and a large part of the reason that they are rapidly increasing in popularity. Their products are Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Organic, Cruelty-Free, and Certified Vegan. Not to mention that they smell amazing and are made with 5 or fewer food-grade ingredients— a rare find in the skin care industry!

In alignment with their beliefs around non-GMO, Booda Organics views achieving Non-GMO Project verification for all their products as their responsibility as a brand. They strive to educate more people and spread awareness, and hope that shoppers who don’t know about GMOs will see the Non-GMO Project verification mark on Booda Organics products and become interested in learning more. Sheana says that verification was “a challenging process, but worth it.” And emphasized, “The stringency is important and [they] are grateful for it.” She also said that both customers and buyers alike frequently mention or have questions about Non-GMO Project verification— a clear sign that shoppers are looking for the butterfly!

To find more brands that provide Non-GMO Project Verified skin care products, check out our Body Care Products page or visit our public listings to find retailers near you who carry Verified products. If you have a favorite Non-GMO Project Verified body care product, let us know in the comments below!


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