Take the #NonGMOChallenge and make a pledge to eat non-GMO snacks, one non-GMO meal a day, or commit to go non-GMO for the whole month! There are countless ways to pledge, so get creative! Each food choice helps drive change across the world.

A huge thank you to our Education and Outreach Sponsors below! Their support is critical to our mission and makes outreach campaigns like the Non-GMO Challenge possible.








Find Non-GMO Project Verified products from our sponsors using the product search on Living Non-GMO.

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Ben Edge

I look for the Non-GMO Project label every time I shop. It helps me to avoid unscrupulous marketing designed to make more profit through fear. #AvoidTheButterfly

Chris McBride

Hi Team,
We love your what your organisation is doing. Our organisation have been working with people to help remove glysopahate from people body’s , we have achieved a great sucess removing up to 75% of glysophate from body and repaired there micro biome.
We would like to send you a short 18min presentation on how we do this
Kind Regards
Chris McBride

toni syring

i have been on the look out for gmos for 10 years now,and will continue until everyone knows the truth about them

Kathy Shackleton

I have followed the GMO issue for years and choose to live a non GMO life by reading labels, cooking from scratch and purchasing food locally that is non GMO


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