Join us for the Non-GMO Challenge this April!

The Non-GMO Challenge is a month-long opportunity to engage with mission-aligned brands who are paving the way to a non-GMO future. Join our online community to create awareness this April! The Challenge serves as an impactful way for all of us to think deeper about where our food and products come from and make personal changes that will maintain and grow our non-GMO food supply.  

How to pledge

Every non-GMO choice makes a difference. Whether you pledge to go non-GMO for a day, a year, or forever, each food choice helps drive change across the world. Mission aligned brands with non-GMO products have partnered with us to give away boxes full of Verified goodies to help get you started. Simply follow us on Instagram. Starting April 1st, like any giveaway post on our Instagram account and write a comment with your pledge to enter for a chance to win a box full of products!

Official Rules

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I have recently switched to eating only ingredients that are labeled with the non gmo organic verified label. When not available, l contact the company and ask if their product is non gmo. One vegetable company assured me that they use non gmo seeds and are working on the label. I requested that they label their food, so that l can buy it.
I have been modifying all my recipes to use only non gmo organic ingredients. I didn’t think l could bake my Italian favorites anymore. After searching the internet, l found all the ingredients l needed….all non
Thank you for all your efforts towards cleaning up our food supply!

A. W.

I has born before GMOs existed! I was lucky to grow up on food and drink-milk-that was all natural-from cows! Today’s children do not have a chance! Everything is full of Monsanto’s glychosapht and they don’t care!!!!

Catherine Swenson

I have always been supportive of non GMO as far as my knowledge and pocketbook allows me. In many cases I just avoid certain brands entirely. Thank you for doing what you do.


I ALWAYS look for the Non-GMO Project Verified Label and buy organic, heirloom as much as possible. We’re the only country in the world that allows genetically modified organisms in our food. It’s illegal in other countries.


I do not buy a product unless it states it’s non GMO, this is the only way I can cut down my chances of getting what I think is poison.

Tremaineamy Frank

I am so thankful for the non-GMO project. It has made it easier to find safe food. I notice that more and more companies are applying to be non GMO verified. Even Hershey’s whom a year ago said they would never do any non GMO verified products.


I work hard to feed my family organic and non-GMO–it takes most of my paycheck!


I am the same way. I don’t spend on anything else but good quality food and unfortunately it costs almost double.

Myckelle Williams

I have never heard of this stuff until yesterday when I was researching gut issues. Gives me a lot to think about but I’m on a budget and have no idea where to even start.


Thank you for everything you do to verify that food is safe from awful GMO contamination. I am very happy that you are doing this work. This country needs to stop destroying the planet with all of the genetic modifications to our food supply.


I think using GMO is the worst thing a person can do to their bodies. We have quit using GMO now for almost 5 years. Best thing we ever did. GMO producers and SO-CALLED scientists should be ashamed of themselves.


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