“In times of crisis, seemingly impossible ideas suddenly become possible.”
-Naomi Klein

We’re living through a period of upheaval, the full scale of which is, as yet, uncertain. It has — or will — affect everyone; it has — or will — be everywhere. Generosity and inspiring acts of kindness are occurring alongside fear and unspeakable loss.

When we emerge from the pandemic — and we will — our world will have changed. Crisis does that: It opens up paths of action that were previously unimaginable. We have seen in real-time how our choices ripple across the world. We act now to guard the well-being of the most vulnerable, and this responsibility we have for each other is a good thing.

Knowing we will emerge from this, we must ask the question: How will we emerge? What form will the changed world take? At the Non-GMO Project, we envision a future where compassion, courage and innovation — the principles that already guide us through new challenges — continue to govern our actions, where we work to give each other the best we have to offer.

In the coming months, our staff will continue our work to build the world we want to live in and leave for our children. We’ll be sharing that vision with you, exploring the many ways in which each of us can choose to act as an agent of positive change.

Keep well.



Nehal Mistry

Hi There,

I would like to see non GMO labeling on every products available in stores. We together can bring these change. I strongly feel that no matter what happens who takes over non GMO labeling company in future but the basic policies must remain as firm and can never bend rules to approve non GMO products. We as a customer have so much trust in it.
Also we should provide more details on local produces and hyper local foods. Majority of the population is unaware of that reality. I live in Georgia and when i ask in stores or even anyone who lives in the area around, nobody knows Georgia has highest production of peanuts. But we never see Georgia grown non GMO peanut oil in local store or supermarket. If they dobits export from somewhere else and its usually very expensive.

I would also like to suggest non gmo labeling should be on any international market products. I go to many farmers market , h mart , and indian grocery stores where they have many types of millets, pulses , and grains which are non GMO but do not have our labeling. I think having this label on those products will bring more awareness and confidence in customers.

Thank you


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