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Our year-long #BeTheButterfly campaign explored our interconnectedness, how even small acts can lead to remarkable change. The campaign also coincided with remarkable global upheaval, driving home just how powerful individual choices can be. Ultimately, we learned that when we act towards a common goal, we are capable of amazing things.

Why do you choose non-GMO?

A single Monarch butterfly travels lightly, with each one weighing less than half a gram. But when Monarchs congregate by the thousands, their collective weight can break a tree branch. When you choose non-GMO, you become part of a global movement to change our food system. Together, we’re building a food system in which diversity, traditional and indigenous knowledge and locally-oriented solutions are the means by which the agricultural landscape flourishes.

When we choose non-GMO, we’re encouraging food systems that:

  • Work with nature’s diversity and complexity rather than against it, protecting the planet’s vibrant ecosystems. GMOs are part of a reductive view of nature, with one crop dominating the landscape while competitors are wiped out with toxic weedkillers. Imposing uniformity on complex natural systems reduces biodiversity, weakening the land where we live and grow food.
  • Support farmers’ rights to save their own seeds. GMOs are created under restrictive utility patents that prohibit farmers from saving or breeding the seed. Currently, 60% of the world’s food supply is controlled by 4 corporations.
  • Choose regenerative practices that protect biodiversity and soil health and reject the extractive, wasteful and destructive industrial model. GMOs go hand-in-hand with the “chemical treadmill” of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. This industrial-style agriculture decimates the very basis of a healthy ecosystem.

Each of these goals is part of a bigger picture, one in which we truly feed the planet and all its inhabitants. 

Your Butterfly Effect at Work

Each one of us participates in the food system. If we don’t grow food, we certainly eat it. So we all play a role, and together, those many small actions have powerful impacts. From the small scale farmers across the globe that produce 70% of the world’s food while using only 25% of the agricultural resources; to the galaxies of interconnected microorganisms that build and maintain the soil, supporting healthier and more abundant crops while resisting erosion and drought. 

Together, we’re building a food system that nourishes people and the planet, now and for generations to come. Our movement is grassroots, grounded in soil, regenerative and — of course — non-GMO! 

Thank you for joining us in our work to build a fair food system for all. Thank you for continuing to #BeTheButterfly.

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