Scan packages before buying and look for the non-GMO symbol.

I commit to buying verified non gmo foods. I want to see how it makes me feel instead of processed foods.


Read every label. I will make sure it’s Non-GMO.

Not purchase gmo food for my family!

Phase out everything that is GMO in my home. I want my kids and myself to be as healthy as possible, one thing I have been passionate about recently is getting rid of GMOs.

Prepare my home made meals with non-gmo products.

I commit to saying NO to GMOs! I commit to a healthy planet and a healthy population. I commit to reducing Monsanto’s power by buying non-gmo verified food. I commit to always searching for the truth and putting the health of the Earth and our people over all. I commit to the freedom of health without increased herbicide use and potential carcinogenesis. I commit to a better world for all living things.

Buy organic whenever plausible or at the very least nongmo products.

Not buying anything gmo whenever humanly possible!

Continue to look for and buy only Non-GMO certified products. I also continue to inform others around me about the healthy, affordable variety of foods and other consumables available for both them and their children/grandchildren. I will keep up the practice of offering Non-GMO fo0ds to my fellow seniors in my building community, speaking of them as if these healthier products constitute ‘normal’ not ‘exceptional’ or ‘costlier’.

Continue to look for and buy only Non-GMO certified products. I also continue to inform others around me about the healthy, affordable variety of foods and other consumables available for both them and their children/grandchildren. I will keep up the practice of offering Non-GMO fo0ds to my fellow seniors in my building community, speaking of them as if these healthier products constitute ‘normal’ not ‘exceptional’ or ‘costlier’.

Removing all GMO products from my family’s life and supporting Non-GMO companies!

Eat non gmo food

Keep broadening my knowledge of gmos and to continue teaching my two children the importance of shopping gmo free!

Go non-GMO as often as possible for a month. I will look for even more verified GMO free products so I can branch out.

I look for the butterflies!

Choose Non-GMO Project Verified products and show my support by spreading the word.

I always look for and buy Non-GMO products. All products, not just food. I have Celiac disease and it’s even more important that I eat clean, Non-Gmo food. If it doesn’t have the butterfly on it, it doesn’t go into my shopping basket. I am very adamant about that. Thank you for your website. I love it and have learned a lot!

Only buying products with the GMO logo

Reading all labels before purchasing to ensure I only support products not created with GMOs. I also commit to teaching my children about GMOs and why we should avoid them.

Earth’s Best is committed to providing safe, nourishing foods made with non-GMO and organic ingredients.

Annie’s Homegrown is taking the#NonGMOChallenge by providing non-GMO snacks for every bunny, which makes us proud to include their products in our Non-GMO Dreambox giveaways. What will your pledge be? Learn more at!

#NonGMOChallenge accepted! We pledge to spread the GLEE with our non-GMO project verified gum + pops. Will you accept the challenge?

Crofter’s Organic believes everyone has the right to know what is in their food!

Only grow heirloom varieties in my garden this year!

plant an organic garden

plant an organic garden

plant an organic garden

downloading the app to ensure I am only buy-in Non-GMO products. I am contentious about it anyway but had no idea there was an app available!!

Eat 1 non-GMO meal a day.

Only purchase non GMO products for myself and my family!!

Buying products with the non gmo label, teaching my kids why they can’t have those ‘other’ snacks, and Plant only non gmo seeds in our garden!

Growing our salsa garden with Non GMO seeds and transplants this year! (The pictures from last years garden)

Buy organic produce for my family!

Eat non GMO and organic as much as possible. I already do because my children lost their mother to cancer and since I have switched my kids are healthier and hardly ever get sick anymore.

still not buying gmos and to continue to cook from scratch using clean ingredients

purchase Non-GMO foods and support companies that commit to producing only non-GMO products.

Purchase Arrowhead Mills Non GMO Flours! and Look for the Butterfly 🙂

On my next shopping trip, I commit to buying only Non-GMO products!

Buy only non-GMO food and continue to educate my family and friends about the need to buy only non-GMO products.

To only buy non-Gmo products. To take care of the bees and to use organic cleaning in and out my house.

Not buying and consuming gmo products I downloaded the shoppers list app to help,me succeed

Always investigate and choose non-gmo products.

Buying non-GMO foods as much as possible.

Strive to buy 100% Non-GMO foods for my family.

Seek out and purchase non gmo products whenever I have a choice to.

One month gmo free !

Always look for the butterfly especially on corn products.

Buy only non gmo food for my son and I from here on out!

Eat non-gmo. Ever.

Look for the butterfly when comparing foods and to share information to encourage others to do the same. Additionally I pledge to serve non-GMO foods when entertaining to open a discussion on the importance of eating GMO free.

Buy only non-GMO products whenever available!

continue to use and add non-gmo choices everyday!

caring about what I put into my body and sharing my knowledge of non-GMO products with people I know.

Go as GMO free as possible and always look for the butterfly when shopping!

For the next month, ensure that all my snacks and at least 2 of my 3 daily meals are completely Non-GMO.

Going one week completely non-GMO

always look for the butterfly!!

Eating clean REAL food and buying by butterfly label! 🙂

Prepare meals for my family consisting of ingredients produced in a manner that is neither harmful to the product, animal or environment.

Shopping for non-GMO products. Always check for the butterfly!

Checking each and every box, bag and can for the butterfly. It has become my new way of life to look for the organic label or the NON -GMO label. Thanks, corinn

Checking each and every box, bag and can for the butterfly. It has become my new way of life to look for the organic label or the NON -GMO label. Thanks, corinn

Never eat GMO if it can be avoided.

Filling my cart with as much non-go verified products as possible

Eating non gmo and educating others to do the same!

Buying NON-GMO products

I’ve spent years transitioning away from GMO’s to have an entirely Organic household including bedsheets and pillows, and I hope everyone understands the importance of quality food, product and the effect it has to help our planet. I take the pledge, faithfully. It’s about principles.

Continue to shop for non- GMO products and always be aware of what’s in our food.

I pledge to continue my Non-GMO lifestyle.

Switch to only buying non-gmo products for my family

We eat Non-GMO everything, everyday. I cook at home mostly and always look for the butterfly when I shop for groceries.

Switch to only buying non-gmo products for my family

Check labels

Buy Non-GMO only, and grow what I can as well. And to continue to post about the dangers of GMO and those who peddle it.

Grow only non GMO fruits and vegetables and plant flowers for our pollinator. When at the store always look for the butterfly!

For the Non-GMO Challenge, I commit to live GMO free forever. #NonGMOChallenge

not support any companies that have GMO filled products.

I pledge to seek out brands that have the non-GMO label

Make healthy choices every day.

Everything organic non-gmo!

I commit to walk the walk 🦋

Grow and eat only Non-GMO

Only buy foods containing the butterfly label!!!

Look for the butterfly.

Plant and grow my own non-gmo heirloom vegetables and feed my chickens non-gmo feed.

Eat produce meals non gmo. And plant seeds that are non gmo

I commit to buying and feeding my family nonGMO products and spreading more awareness on this issue.

My #NONGMOCHALLENGE is to keep a 100% gmo free lifrstyle. Not only for me but also my pets! <3

To eat only non gmo food

Looking for the butterfly!!!

Trying to buy more Non GMO products.

To buy non-gmo food and to tell all my family and friends.

Always grow organic crops & boycott corn products.

Find products that are non gmo and turn my over to Nongmo products to the best of my ability

I plan to eat an apple every meal, every day for the next 30 days. It’s my favorite fruit, and I look forward to the challenge to creating a small dish every meal with an apple. Hopefully, it’ll keep the doctor away, too. Thank you!

Grow only Non-GMO’s fruits and vegetables, plant flowers for our pollinator and, when at the store, always look for the butterfly!

Thank you Living Non -GMO and keep up the good work!
“Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean”

Buy as much non gmo as possible

i will only buy non gmo products from the store

i will only buy non gmo products from the store

i will only buy non gmo products from the store

Walk the walk !!

Not eat a GMO food for one day

Organic, Non-GMO, gluten and dairy free always!

i plead to continuing to eat non gmo food because all these chemicals in our food is wrong!

Only but non-gmo logo products.

Using only non-GMO products.

purchase products with the Non-GMO label.

I only purchase Non-GMO or organic so support this cause and will continue to do so as I have essentially boycotted others and many name brands, I believe strongly in the quality of truly natural foods and drinks.

Choosing Non GMO and organic whenever possible! And continuing with my my Vegan/plant based diet!

I commit to read labels carefully to find the Non-GMO Certification. This is the best choice I can make to improve the health of my family & close friends. GMO’s not belong in our foods & i’m really excited there are like minded people looking out for one another. Thank you !!!

Only buy project verfied and organic/ local

Buying only non GMO foods and supplements

Choose as many Non-GMO verified products as possible.

feed my family non-gmo, organic food! I will bring in snacks for my children’s school to share the greatness of non gmo to all the children. I will shop for my special needs young adult man I take care of. he is non verbal bit that should stop him from using his voice on saying no to gmo. We will find non gmo food for our chickens also.

I pledge to keep up my pledge I have kept for over 7 yrs; to only buy products that have the butterfly,to teach my 4 daughters the reason for the butterfly,and to only plant heirloom seeds in my garden.


Be more aware when I am shopping and to take my daughter along with me to teach her how to purchase the “right” products.

…..Keep providing organic, non-gmo meals, snacks, and drinks to my loving partner, 7 year old daughter, and 9 year old son. To also keep instilling the importance of clean food for their mind and bodies while teaching them how to cook and prepare meals for when they are on their own.

i have been on a mission to get all proccessed and gmo foods out of my frigde,freezer and cubboards,im not all the way there but im going to keep at it until i have it down to a system

Purchase only organic/non-gmo fruits, veggies, and other grocery items!

By organic and non GMOs whenever possible.

to pay attention to what products I buy. Thank you.

Eat Non GMO for a week and then life time. I have been implementing it for last one year.

Maintain my Non-GMO status and educate family, friends, neighbors & co-workers the dangers of GMOs and the benefits of the Non-GMO Project

No GMOs for one month

continue to look for the butterfly and buy better products for me and my family.

Go Non-GMO for a month

Eating as much nonGMO products as I can find 🙂

Not going out to eat as often so I can eat healthier non-GMO foods my wife prepares.

Buying on non-gmo products!

Eating only foods that have the non-GMO label on them.

Continuing my non-GMO, organic, & cruelty-free lifestyle. It’s better for our planet & is how food SHOULD be, like it used to be, just food! As I sit here breast feeding my newborn son, I know how important what I put into my body is for him. I want to raise him healthy & free of GMO’s.

Only purchase non-GMO food for myself & my daughter

No GMO for 30 days!

Only eat and feed my family NON GMO certified foods and drinks

Eat a gmo free meal every day

I will look for the butterfly!! I will shop local and healthy as often as I am able to. Our health is our own and we need to pass that on to our kids.

Going all non GMO all month

Feed my family of 6 a non GMO meal each day.

Eat non GMO products

Choosing products with the little butterfly verification and to opt for organic produce when accessible.

use all your products for my family and friends

Go non-gmo for a day to one week. Starting with our yearly garden! During grocery trips, I will pay more attention to what’s being bought for consumption.

Consuming what will help me teach energizing group exercise classes!! #NonGMOChallenge

Continue the fight to protecting my families health through NON gmo foods and drinks while also supporting local farmers.

Continue to eat non-GMO for my family and grow non-GMO seeds in my garden (with no chemicals!) I also plan to donate food shelf items that are non-GMO so others will benefit to my committment.

Absolutely go Non-GMO for the month…and many more months!!

For the Non-Gmo Challenge I commit to eating only Non-Gmo foods and encourjng my sister’s, my parents, and friends to join me too!!

Eat non gmo for good as we have done.

Using only Non Gmo Ingredients in my cooking for a month! At least!

I pledge to only buy Non-GMO foods for my family. I also plan to educate my family and friends that do not know about gmo’s and/or believe eating foods that contain gmo’s are safe.

Using as many non gmo and organic products as possible.

Just buying all natural foods

Consume/use no GMO products for at least 10 days in April, with the ultimate goal of my family becoming GMO free forever!

Continue buying ONLY GMO-FREE products, signing petitions to protect our food from pesticides, and only plant NON-GNO seeds!! 🙂

Buy and eat only Non-GMO Project verified foods for the month of April. This is something I am pretty much doing anyway.

I pledge to continue buying Non-GMO and Organic products for the rest of my life.

eat only non-GMO snacks.

Helping my family become non gmo family even when it gets hard, standing alone. I will continue to learn, teach , and eat healthy

Non-gmo for good.

Eating as much non-gmo foods as possible! I buy mostly organic and no-gmo products already but it’s a good reminder to keep it up!

Eating a minimum of 1 non-gmo meal per day and having only non-gmo snacks.

I have been purchasing many NON-GMO VERIFIED PROJECT foods and bath & body products over the last few years, and will continue with my excitement of seeing more and more products available this year!

To purchase and eat organic/non gmo at least 2 meals a day

Continue teaching the public the need to go without GMO products to help save the honey bees and other pollinators we need for a good food supply.

Buying as many non-gmo products as I can and being more consistent.

Non-GMO Challenge

Take the #NonGMOChallenge and make a pledge to eat non-GMO snacks, one non-GMO meal a day, or commit to go non-GMO for the whole month! There are countless ways to pledge, so get creative! Each food choice helps drive change across the world.

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