Lindsey Rieck
Title: Marketing Assistant

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Lindsey developed a love for the environment at a young age from going on long hikes with her family. After graduating from Western Washington University with a BA in Environmental Studies and a minor in communications, Lindsey spent a year as an AmeriCorps Food Educator at Common Threads Farm. As a Food Educator, she developed a deep love for organic gardening and environmental education. Lindsey enjoys watching nature and cooking documentaries, painting with acrylics, and patio gardening.

Articles by this contributor:

Beyond Burger Plant-Based Patty
January 6, 2021

Navigating Meat Alternatives

In the past few years, new plant-based meat alternatives have inundated the market. These products resemble meat, but contain no actual animal tissue. They are created with plant-derived ingredients like soy or pea protein. With as many as a quarter of North American millennials describing themselves as vegetarians or vegans, and plant-based diets on the… » Read more

Apple tree
October 29, 2019

GMO Apples: An apple a day may not brown right away

It’s lunchtime at your local supermarket and like many people, you head to the convenient grab-and-go aisle. Maybe you want to add fruit to your meal so you pick up a package of pre-sliced apples with a little snowflake sticker. These apples show not a single sign of damage or any brown discoloration marks. It… » Read more