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Protect Tender Bottoms, Chubby Cheeks and Tiny Toes

It’s no secret that in February our thoughts turn to love and truly, there is no deeper love than the innate, unconditional feelings a parent has for a child. Every new parent, upon meeting their newborn for the very first time, experiences the overwhelming instinct to keep watch and care for their wee charge forever and for always. Nurturing, nourishing and providing will become the mainstays of most parent/child relationships for a good many years to come, not least of which is keeping baby clean and comfortable. Caring for and protecting tender bottoms, chubby cheeks and tiny fingers and toes is its own mystery, but choosing products that do the job without harmful ingredients or additives is another. Because these tiniest of consumers cannot advocate for themselves, we’ve done the homework to eliminate the guesswork in selecting the purest and safest products to safeguard your baby’s wellbeing.

Non-GMO Project Verified Baby Care

Fortunately, there are thoughtful manufacturers who have developed personal care products for all stages of early childhood, from infant to toddler and beyond. Companies like Dr. Bronner’s Magic have been making high-quality, eco-friendly natural soaps for more than 150 years and their collections include gentle baby balms and soaps. Bum Boosa offers bamboo-based products that are biodegradable and hypoallergenic; their diaper liners and baby wipes avoid chemicals and use plant-based ingredients and essential oils to soothe delicate skin and impart a clean, natural scent. The herbal organic shampoos, bottom balms, oils, lotions and body washes created by Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics are free of artificial preservatives, chemicals and sulfates. British retailer, Neal’s Yard Remedies specializes in natural organic health and beauty goods with an extensive selection of mother and baby preparations. And, for children starting to brush their own teeth, the Happy Teeth & Gum kit from The Anti-Aging Company is suitable for children (and adults) of all ages. Reinforcing their decidedly pure and organic bent, you’ll find a varied selection of baby products that carry our seal.

It’s valuable to remember that it is during our childhood that we acquire and learn the behavioral underpinnings we will follow for the rest of our lives. Keeping your mini-me on a safe, healthy and non-GMO path from infancy onward is an enduring way to ensure they develop good habits that will grow as they grow. And truly, there is no secret in that.

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