The approved FSIS Non-GMO Project Verified Seal is vertical instead of the traditional horizontal verification mark to distinguish the products that carry it.

Recently, the Food Safety and Inspection (FSIS) branch of the USDA issued new guidance around GMO claims for meat, poultry and liquid eggs. What does this mean for you?

You may see other labels or text claims popping up on the meat products you purchase. The new guidance allows meat and liquid egg producers to make non-GMO claims if they are run through a third-party certifier. The big difference is those other third-party certifiers may not hold ingredients to the same standards as the Non-GMO Project, and may not even require testing for GMO contamination.

Non-GMO Project Verified is the only independent, third-party program that requires ongoing testing of ingredients that are at high risk of being genetically modified. According to the USDA, more than 90 percent of the crops used for livestock feed (corn, soy and alfalfa) are GMOs. The Non-GMO Project seal was the first label approved by FSIS in 2013, and that approval remains in effect today.

The next time you are in the meat department, you can rest assured that when you choose Non-GMO Project Verified, you are purchasing food that has been held to North America’s highest standard for avoiding GMOs.

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Sandy Mc Aninch

Ok. Thanks. I buy onlywith your seal. But I see lots of products labeled non- GMO. But don’t have your label. I wondered about how they can do that. I work at Costco so I seelots of products. Thank you for all you do. Sandy McAninch

Katherine Hollada

would like some clarification — Non-GMO Project Verified — does this also mean that no pesticides/insecticides/or other poisons have been used for this product?

Jo DeCost

I am very allergic to glyphosate and GMO. I was in Emergency room in July due to getting some. What will allergic people do with these new standards that glyphosate can sneak through? It is scary! My senators did n seem to care and accepted $ from Monsanto.

Anna Burke

I am originally from Edinburgh, Scotland. Since coming to the USA I have not felt as well as I had when living in Scotland, and started to get illnesses that I had never had before. Skin problems, like psoriasis, and dryness of the skin. I got frequent headaches and dizzy spells.
At home, I only ever seen my doctor when I was forced to for an annual check up! Otherwise, I had no reason to see her.
My brother works at the Bush Estate Research Centre in Edinburgh, famous for their cloning of Dolly, the sheep. He works mainly on crops. Talking to him on my last visit home, he told me the USA use 7 times the amount of growth hormones and pesticides permitted in EU, and nearly everything grown (probably a slight exaggeration!) was genetically modified. So he suggested I find organic food with no GMO’s. It’s not easy!! Thanks for this website. I have now discovered that I need not starve myself. My local supermarket has quite a selection now of locally grown non GMO foods. Hopefully, more stores will follow suit and if enough of us keep buying non GMO, perhaps the large companies that are tampering with nature might re-think their strategies. Norway, I believe is the only country that has zero tolerance for GMO’s. In the EU, all food must be labeled if it contains GMO’s. How sad that the most advanced country thinks so little of it’s people. It’s a “fat-cat” thing!

Linda Prefontaine

Been noticing effects of GMO in my life. Affecting my animals, affecting me. I am living in fear for our future


Saying that nearly all food in the United States and Canada is GMO is not an exaggeration.

USDA Organic and Canada Organic labels allow up to 5 % of the food to be GMO material, which of course makes the food GMO.

When the European Union banned the growing (although not importing) of GMO foods (although up to 1 % GMO content is allowed) in 2015, all the GMO food grown in the United States had to go elsewhere.

So, all the American GMO food ended up in Canada and other countries not interested in the quality of the food produced and sold.

Even Non-GMO Project does not identify crops that have been breed to produce more carbohydrates and less nutrition.

Chickens did not naturally double in size. There was intervention.


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