Everyone has a right to know what is in their food. Learn more about GMOs and how they impact the food system from our Executive Director Megan Westgate. This video is made possible by our education and outreach sponsors: Annie’s, Zevia, and NutriGold.

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Robin Carpenter

I always buy products with your logo, even if it costs more. I care too much about my health to consciously eat GMO products.


Hrllo8. I am a hard working woman living in Atlanta, Georgia, and no matter how I try, I can not afford to eat everything non gmo because it is too expensive and I work 2 jobs and make about 37, 000. You pay twice as much for good organic, non gmo foods. What does the average person like me do? We just have to eat gmo foods because we are not able to afford healthy foods? Can you offer any suggestions? Not seeking pity, just wondering if there are suggestions. I work hard and I was Vegan for 10 years and now I am vegetarian, and wished I could afford to eat non gmo all the time, but I do it when I can.


hello Donna! I understand your concerns regarding GMO foods and how it is unhealthy but affordable. I do have a suggestion for you. I think growing your own food in your own garden which would ensure that its non GMO. It does take longer however it can fulfill your needs of easy access and price range. I hope this helps you my good friend

Antonietta papaleo

Thank you for all your hard work and concern ,because of you I can face a better choice,the choice of a helthing living .

Regina Butler

I’ve had health issues for the past few years and I have within the last 2 to 3 years cut out foods from my diet and switched to grassfed meats and I
my health is starting to get better I have within the last month switched
to grassfed milk and cheeses and I have taken gmo products out of my
home after doing so I am seeing my health getting better and better. I strongly support your non-gmo movement.


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