To help us celebrate the Non-GMO Challenge, we’ve partnered with some of our incredible Education and Outreach sponsors to share why they make the commitment to source non-GMO ingredients every day. We are grateful for the hard work of over 3,000 brands that make the nourishing non-GMO products that our families love. Together, we are all co-creating a non-GMO food supply for future generations.

Today the Non-GMO Challenge spotlight is on Navitas Organics! They’ve shared with us why choosing Non-GMO Project Verified and ethically sourced ingredients make their superfoods even more powerful.

Sourcing and offering the highest quality non-GMO superfoods is of utmost importance to us at Navitas Organics. After all, our superfoods’ nutrient-dense, vitality affirming properties are largely reliant on being grown organic and without genetic modification. This ethos is stronger than ever, as we continue to develop new products and partner with a growing number of suppliers.

It is our passion to set our customers up for success by connecting them to superfoods that can help them achieve their highest quality health. It’s no surprise, then, that we as a team embrace the non-GMO lifestyle ourselves! We are committed to embodying our Live Life Positive™ messaging in the office and beyond.

In addition to ensuring our products are all Non-GMO Project Verified and organic, we only source superfoods that are grown in ecologically sustainable ways and often on small farms. In-house, our office kitchen is stocked with organic fruits and vegetables to pair with Navitas superfoods in delicious, power-packed smoothies whenever hunger strikes. We also offer an amazing employee wellness program, which includes fitness and yoga classes in our on-site gym, guided meditation, and quarterly Lunch & Learn gatherings, where we share a meal and watch documentaries about nutrition, fitness and our food system.

At Navitas, we believe that Living Life Positive is both directly tied to the food you choose to eat and extends well beyond that essential action. It is about caring for the environment by supporting organic and sustainable farms. It is about celebrating the rich histories of the superfoods we sell. It is about educating ourselves and others about the inner workings of our food system so that we can be better agents of change. It is about creating community and preparing our food with joy and loving care. It is about embodying the values that the non-GMO lifestyle supports: being active members of the growing movement of citizens who stand up for a sustainable, healthy, and transparent food system.

Ready to take the Non-GMO Challenge? Submit your pledge today! 

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