The Non-GMO Project works hard to partner with retailers and brands to establish and maintain the non-GMO food supply, preserve the world’s resources of genetically diverse, non-GMO seeds, and educate consumers on the changing landscape of GMOs. With the help of supporters such as yourself, these relationships can and do greatly affect the market. We hope that you’ll consider making a donation this Giving Tuesday to help preserve our non-GMO food supply for now and generations to come!

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a global movement to encourage charitable giving. Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving in the United States, Giving Tuesday aims to help organizations, charities, and events gain support and awareness.

Why Support the Non-GMO Project?

The demand for transparent labeling on our food is higher than ever. With over 50,000 Verified products and counting, the Non-GMO Project is committed to helping you avoid GMOs. By making a donation to the Non-GMO Project, you help us empower consumers throughout North America to make informed choices at the grocery store and support a non-GMO food supply for now and for future generations. All donations raised for #GivingTuesday will be put towards consumer education and outreach efforts in the year ahead.

The Non-GMO Project is dedicated to providing you the most up to date information regarding the changing GMO landscape. In 2018 the Non-GMO Project helped inform consumers of:

  • New GMOs: Developments in biotechnology are happening so fast that the Non-GMO Project now has two full-time research staff dedicated to monitoring. The Non-GMO Project is the only certification in North America that is taking a proactive and comprehensive approach to prohibiting products of new forms of genetic engineering.
  • Supply Chain Risks: Potatoes and a soy variety have been added to the Non-GMO Project Standard’s High-Risk list due to the increased commercial availability of these crops.
  • Threats to Our Genetic and Economic Diversity: Recent high profile mergers have placed roughly 60 percent of the world’s seed supply in the hands of only three corporations. This kind of centralization of the food supply combined with farmers constrained by restrictive contracts put the global food supply in a perilous position. The Non-GMO Project is devoted to preserving and building the non-GMO supply chain and protecting our genetic inheritance.

Why now? It’s Twice as Nice.

Our friends at Trans-Ocean Products have partnered with us to match all donations up to $2,000! We are so thankful for brands like Trans-Ocean who are doing their part to support a non-GMO food supply. Trans-Ocean is deeply committed to third-party certifications and verification, as well as sustainable fishing and the protection of our ocean’s resources. To learn more about Trans-Ocean and their Non-GMO Project Verified products, please visit our online database.

Your Giving Tuesday donation will go twice as far thanks to Trans-Ocean—something we can all be excited about! If you believe in our mission to protect our non-GMO food supply for now and generations to come, please consider donating this Giving Tuesday.

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