Learn more about the importance of non-GMO animal feed and non-GMO eggs. Click to view the full-sized infographic.

Thank you to our friends at NestFresh!

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Thank you for sharing. I am so tired of the greed of the world. Make more, sell more, is all their mentality. I never understood why food tasted so different then it did when i was young, in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, until I started listening and reading. It’s not a coincidence there is so much illness, obesity, etc. It’s the non-food we and the animals are consuming. God gave us a world with everything we need, seeds in the ground, water, animals, vegetation. And greed is trying to disguise itself as trying to help and feed the world. No, greed is trying to make more $ at the expense of everyone’s , animals included, health and well being. And pharmaceutical shareholders are sitting pretty while everyone is getting sick and wondering why. I believe they all know why. Greed, greed, greed. But, I believe in prayer and know that it works. So, let’s all start telling everyone we know about GMO’s, pesticides, etc. and pray to an end of this greed.

Alli Willis

Hi Elaine,

While we all want to avoid glyphosate and similar chemical pesticides, Non-GMO Project Verified is all about GMO avoidance. We support organic agriculture by saying “no” to GMOs like the Roundup-ready crops that go hand-in-hand with glyphosate.

At the Project, most of us personally think the gold standard for food is certified Organic AND Non-GMO Project Verified. That’s what I try to buy!


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