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Thank you for sharing. I am so tired of the greed of the world. Make more, sell more, is all their mentality. I never understood why food tasted so different then it did when i was young, in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, until I started listening and reading. It’s not a coincidence there is so much illness, obesity, etc. It’s the non-food we and the animals are consuming. God gave us a world with everything we need, seeds in the ground, water, animals, vegetation. And greed is trying to disguise itself as trying to help and feed the world. No, greed is trying to make more $ at the expense of everyone’s , animals included, health and well being. And pharmaceutical shareholders are sitting pretty while everyone is getting sick and wondering why. I believe they all know why. Greed, greed, greed. But, I believe in prayer and know that it works. So, let’s all start telling everyone we know about GMO’s, pesticides, etc. and pray to an end of this greed.


Consider this… my epiphany overnight but hear me out.

I have a chronic, debilitating illness. I am on life-sustaining steroids (I have no cortisol).

I am prone to infection bc of the steroids.

My most recent doctors appointment my doctor called me over to her computer and showed me my lab results on the screen.

I do not have an autoimmune disease BUT apparently, out of all of the antibiotics in the world, and all of the antibiotic families, there are only 4 left that I can take to kill infections.

She showed me and said you know what this means, don’t you. And in my heart of hearts I knew what that meant but I was hoping she would tell me that there was some new, magical antibiotics in research and so out soon.

NOPE! She said once you are immune to those 4, that’s it. I can’t treat you. I said what do you (I knew but this was denial) and she said there are NO other antibiotics I can prescribe.

I left completely perplexed. Even though I am prone to infection, I take major precautions while in public including wearing a mask (yes I’m that freak you may see on the street and in your church or grocery store with the 😷 (MJ). Don’t worry at the rate we are going maybe you or maybe your children will ALL have to wear masks and it will become a fashion trend with cute flowered ones on the runway (I’m just ahead of my time!) I digress.

So, because I take major precautions I have been prescribed antibiotics on very rare occasions up until about the last six months when I had it before about 3 procedures that I had.

So, how could *I* be allergic or immune to almost every antibiotic? I wasn’t one of THOSE people! The ones who get a runny nose and have a cold and go and demand an antibiotic from my doctor “just in case.” I never “abused” antibiotics…. or did I?

I ordered something off of a non-brick and Mortar site the one with everything from A-Z., and it had all of the product (nuts and fruits) from two countries that freaked me out on their “growing habits.”

So, I decided to go online and research the food sources (I know it’s 2020, welcome to the party! A little late?!)

But it dawned on me! ALL if the antibiotics I was getting was from the meat that I eat!!!! And THAT is going to kill me in the long term (like not long but not instant but one bought of pneumonia which is common bc I spend a lot of time in bed) and I am OUT!

So, I am using up what little bit I have left (I can’t afford to throw it out and it is not much and harm has already come to me at this point what’s a couple more steaks to make room for plant-based?) but I am jumping on the plant-based wagon that my friend has been trying to pull me into for the last two years (since I got sick).

So, the mora of the story is WAKE-UP people! DON’T let what happened to me, happen to you.

Don’t wait until you are at the end of your options before you switch to a plant based food (at this point unless I raise my own chickens, I wouldn’t trust the source unless I saw it, in person, with my own two eyes! Buy local, go plant-based, don’t feed this crap to your kids (I’m 48 and at the end of my rope). Save yourself….

Alli Willis

Hi Elaine,

While we all want to avoid glyphosate and similar chemical pesticides, Non-GMO Project Verified is all about GMO avoidance. We support organic agriculture by saying “no” to GMOs like the Roundup-ready crops that go hand-in-hand with glyphosate.

At the Project, most of us personally think the gold standard for food is certified Organic AND Non-GMO Project Verified. That’s what I try to buy!


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