Non-GMO Month Poster
Today we kick off our 10th annual Non-GMO Month, a 31-day celebration of our
 right to make non-GMO choices! Each year we partner with thousands of passionate retailers and natural food brands to bring shoppers the latest news and products in the non-GMO landscape.

Happy Birthday Non-GMO Month, You’re 10 Years Old!

This year is the 10th anniversary of Non-GMO Month, and a lot has happened in the decade since its launch:

  • Awareness of the GMO issue is nearly universal at 97%.
  • More shoppers are looking for non-GMO choices than ever before.
  • 14,000+ retailers across North America have committed to providing non-GMO choices to their customers.
  • Food brands are recognizing that people value a healthy, natural, and non-GMO food supply, with 4,000 brands offering Non-GMO Project Verified choices.

We are part of a global movement to change our food system, shop our values and protect the future of our planet. 

Make Your Mother Proud

True health extends beyond our own personal well-being. It includes our families, our communities, and our environment. How we produce our food is one of the most profound bonds we have with the planet that sustains us. Every one of us depends on a healthy ecosystem, healthy soil, and healthy crops. Do your part to take care of Mother Earth by saying YES to non-GMO! By choosing to go non-GMO, you’re supporting an agricultural system that respects Earth’s biodiversity and helps provide security and prosperity for future generations.

Mother Earth took care of you, now help take care of her.

New Techniques, Same GMOs

While there’s a lot to celebrate, at the Non-GMO Project we know there’s still work to do. More than 80 percent of conventional processed foods contain GMOs. That means that unless you’re looking for certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified food, most of the groceries that end up in your shopping cart contain GMOs.

We’re also seeing products made with new genetic engineering techniques pouring into the market accompanied by green-washed promises to save the world. If this sounds familiar, it’s because biotech companies used the same narrative when they introduced transgenic GMOs in the 1990s. Despite these corporations’ continued efforts to avoid labeling and regulation, the EU, the UN and the Non-GMO Project all agree that these products are still GMOs. While federal labeling laws in the US do more to confuse the average consumer than to educate them, it’s more important than ever to look for the Butterfly. 

Join us in celebration of Non-GMO Month, and say YES to transparency in our food system, YES to biodiversity, and YES to agriculture that supports the well-being of our planet.



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