Take The Non-GMO Challenge this April!


The Non-GMO Challenge is a month-long celebration that gives shoppers, brands, and retailers the opportunity to make meaningful non-GMO commitments. First launched in 2012, the Challenge serves as a powerful way to support a safer and more transparent food system while celebrating Earth Month in April.

What will your pledge be?

Every non-GMO decision makes a difference. Whether you pledge to go non-GMO for a day, a week, a month, or for good, each food choice helps drive change across the world. Plus, when you pledge, you can enter to win prizes featuring Non-GMO Project Verified goodies. We’ll be giving them away throughout the month, so there are plenty of chances to win!

Want to learn more about GMOs?
Read our GMO FAQs, learn what crops are at high risk of being GMO, explore our blogs and news updates on Living Non-GMO, and visit NonGMOProject.org to learn more about our verification program.

How to pledge

Share your non-GMO commitment on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #NonGMOChallenge. Want to share a photo too?


We are here to help! Contact us at info@nongmoproject.org.