We commit to continuing to provide organic and Non-GMO Project Verified products to our fans as well as continuing to educate and help spread the word! #TeamNonGMO

I am the owner of the Organic Marketplace and Sprouts Cafe in Gastonia, NC. My staff and I are committed to educating our family, friends, and community about the efforts of the Non-GMO Project, and how to make a difference in our own lives.

Educate my students on the long-term health benefits of Non-GMO products; to respect our island of Guam and our planet by making the smart decision by choosing Non-GMO products.

Only plant Non-GMO seeds in my garden.

Use only non-GMO fruit and veggies & eggs.
Use only non-GMO skincare.
Use more organic non-GMO meats instead of just antibiotic free.

Choose non-GMO whenever possible!

Buy only non-GMO personal care products.

Eat organic, avoid GMOs.

Not buying anything that is not labelled non-GMO!

Use Non-GMO from head to toe!

Only use non-GMO hair care on these long locks!

We have a right to know what is in our food!!!

Work hard to promote non-GMOs!

Eat no more GMO foods.

Choosing environmentally friendly, non-GMO beauty products.

Use only Non-GMO skincare (like Andalou Naturals) because what goes on the skin is just as important as what goes into our bodies!

Share non-GMO articles and information I come across on Twitter and Facebook.

Using SPF daily AND making sure it’s non-GMO!

Help educate others about the health hazards of GMOs and continue to support organic food producers!

Look for the Butterfly on all the foods I purchase!

Eat Non-GMO Project Verified eggs.

Watch what my mum buys for us to eat by looking for the butterfly!

Talk to everyone I meet on my trip through Spain and Portugal about the work of the Non-GMO Project.

Look for the orange Butterfly when I shop!

Buy smarter and look for the butterfly!

Share non-GMO food with my roommates and friends!

Buying more non—GMO products for the next 90 days and see how much of a change it is for my whole family.

To make my lunches with only Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients!

I commit to buy all organic food from the Mexican markets, keep the world clean, and to invite more people to take care of their communities.

Only buying products with the non-GMO label for me and my family because non-GMO matters for our health.

Attend a Non-GMO Potluck!

Learn more about the foods I purchase and share that knowledge with friends and family.

I have committed to only buy non GMO products as a lifestyle choice and to buy from local non GMO farmers at local farmers markets.

Host a Non-GMO Project Verified potluck for Earth Day!

Educate my friends and family about GMOs and how to avoid them!

Continue educating  myself & engaging others about the ownership of our food supply &  the health of our farms & farmers.

Look for the Butterfly on all products and encourage others to do the same!

Eating non-GMO and educating family and friends to do the same.

Grow more food!

Spread info on GMOs to friends and family!!

Teach my children about Non-GMO and the importance of the orange Butterfly.

Continue using non-GMO foods!!

Make sure we eat only Non-GMO Project Verified & Certified Organic snacks and meals.

Feed my dog only homemade, non-GMO treats!

Eating NON-GMO Project Verified Processed Snacks & Processed Treats!

Wear only non-GMO cotton boxer shorts.

Grow my non GMO foods in my Hydroponics Tanks and raised gardens.

Trying new brands of Non GMO foods and share.

Feed my bunny non-GMO.

Always look for the Butterfly and buy non-GMO.

Buy only non-GMO food.

Get my local grocer to register with the Project!