Celebrate Non-GMO Month!

Traditionally, October is a month of harvest. Crops are brought in from fields and gardens, and we give thanks for another season of bounty. October is also Non-GMO Month, a time for us to reflect on our food supply. The Non-GMO Project set out to celebrate the right to choose non-GMO. So we created Non-GMO Month, a celebration of transparency in our food system, agriculture that supports biodiversity and environmental well-being, and the protection of our genetic inheritance for future generations.

Today, this celebration feels more crucial than ever. We give thanks for the abundance of non-GMO and organic options on store shelves, and for the farmers, brands, and retailers that make that possible. However, we must also remember that more than 80% of conventional processed foods contain GMOs. With products created from new genetic engineering techniques flooding the marketplace, educating the public about new GMOs is a big part of this year’s outreach campaign. The biotech industry wants shoppers to think that these products aren’t GMOs, even though both the EU and the UN agree that they are GMOs. With the field of genetic engineering becoming more complex, our right to make informed choices is more important than ever.

GMOs are a critical component of chemical agriculture, with many crops developed specifically for herbicide tolerance. Industrial agriculture relies on substantial chemical inputs that cost mother earth dearly. Since the introduction of GMO crops, there has been a fifteenfold increase in the use of glyphosate. Protecting and building our non-GMO food supply is critical to preserving the biodiversity of our agricultural system.

To learn more about how you can participate before the month is out, check out why October is Better with the Butterfly!