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Tell us your origin story! How did Dr. Earth get started?

I started 28 years ago, and things started organically (yes, pun intended!) I was making soil blends in my parents’ backyard in California and instinctively knew that I was onto something special. Before long, I made a name for myself by catering to and servicing independent businesses—and I’m proudly the first one who introduced probiotic soils and fertilizers within the gardening industry.

What is Dr. Earth’s vision for farming and organic produce? 

It’s all about revolutionizing the industry. Dr. Earth offers the largest selection of Non-GMO Project Verified fertilizers and soils in America.  We recycle organic nutrients from today’s supermarket food waste to create the purest organic fertilizer to grow tomorrow’s food. This reduces waste going to landfills by transforming food scraps into certified organic fertilizers. Nothing is wasted, and would-be waste is upcycled. We’re living in the future of true sustainability.

What are the social and environmental benefits of using non-GMO gardening products? 

We harvest food leftover from major grocery stores. High grade quality leftovers are churned, digested and broken down—and then stabilized and blended. I’m almost producing a zero-carbon footprint, because nothing is being thrown away. We don’t have to haul it twice back and forth. We directly convert it to certified organic liquid and certified organic fertilizer. Dr. Earth’s product line is able to then proudly grow tomorrow’s food throughout people’s backyards.

Why is it important for Dr. Earth to support the Non-GMO Project and transparency in food production?

Transparency is what my company was built on. I took organic gardening when it was still niche and took it mainstream. My products are meaningful to people’s lives, and I take immense pride in making lives better through organic gardening and healthy living.

What sets Dr. Earth’s products apart from conventional fertilizers and soils?

I’m making certified organic soils made from the highest level, quality ingredients. I’m doing something that nobody else is—and I pride myself on jumping into things that other people might be terrified of attempting. I take risks to re-innovate my brand while simultaneously disrupting the industry year after year. My customers have come to expect that because Dr. Earth isn’t my job—it’s simply what I love to do.

With growing demand for non-GMO products, how important is innovation to Dr. Earth?

I’m a health food nut and I started noticing the Non-GMO Project Verified label on everything from my morning juice to protein bar. That symbol is important and ubiquitous and exemplifies the highest level of transparency. I knew my customers were seeing the Non-GMO Project Verified symbol during every grocery store visit. A lightbulb went off and I knew that I needed it on Dr. Earth products—I knew my customers would instantly connect to that added value.  At my core, I’m an innovator and I have a drive that pushes me to be ahead of my industry. So, I started looking into obtaining the non-GMO project verified label and at first was told it was not possible to have it awarded within the lawn and garden industry. But I never take no for an answer. I persevered and put my products through years of testing to finally be the first in the lawn and garden industry to be awarded the coveted non-GMO project verified symbol.

Are there any fun or interesting facts you want consumers to know about Dr. Earth’s products?

We were the first company to nationally distribute a fast-acting and trusted organic soil and fertilizer product line to downtown Main Street.  And, now we’re the largest soil and fertilizer company in America—and maybe even in the world—that’s Non-GMO Project Verified.

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